Friday, 1 June 2012

{light in the dark} 52 Photos yr2 wk6

It is finally raining here!!
The gardens are finally getting water and my rain barrels are getting filled!

My regular white peonies began to open just yesterday 
I decided to wait until today to take pictures as the tiny touches of pink inside weren't visible yet...
If we get rain all weekend, as they are predicting, those peonies 
are going to look like toilet paper all over my lawn by Sunday! 
You know what I am talking about!

Note to self: NEVER wait to take a photo you want!

I am not above dancing in the rain when it is warm outside
in fact I am known for it in the 'hood
(yeah...they do think I am weird)
But it is dark and cold outside today...

It seems appropriate that Bella's prompt this week at 52 Photos Project is:
"Finding Light in the Dark"

I LOVE this prompt
I love light in dark places and at dark times
so I have narrowed this down to
 cut back on
chosen a very few some
of my fav shots to share 
as well as the one I took specifically for this prompt

Seriously, do you know how many sources of light there are in the dark???
I will stick with natural sources

There is nothing like the promise of summer in a beautiful sunrise to start a spring day!

or the promise of cool in a sunset on a very warm summer day

or the light of the moon to remind us of the magnitude and magnificence of  the universe 

or a very bad picture of a star to remind us that our hands are not as steady as we might try to believe!

no matter how often we try or how still we try to be...

Then there is the incredibly awesome light in one of my favourite places in the world...
yup, another photo from the slot canyons of Arizona...
it is precisely the light in the darkness that draws me there, year after year  
it changes constantly depending on the time of year, time of day...
The colours of the walls change with the light throughout the day
a light beam can appear and disappear in 5 seconds! 
There is a real sense of exhilaration and success when you catch one of those with your camera

I have a gazillion photos but I chose this one because it is specifically about light!
Our native guide took this for us
He asked the mister and I hold our hands like that and blow up towards our hands.
The light above our hands represents a flame being breathed into life by our joined breath

We are seriously considering getting married there

Then, there is reflected light
I love reflected light, especially on water...

This is a different slot canyon...
filled with the dammed waters of the Colorado River that creates Lake Powell 
on the Arizona-Utah border.

There is something incredibly peaceful about kayaking out of a dark and silent slot canyon 
into the light of the setting sun

...and it was the reflected light of the setting sun on the waters of the much tinier
and more local East Holland River here at home
that I was inspired to snap for this prompt!

Oh...I could go on forever...oh wait! I already have!

Thanks for those who stuck it out all the way through that post!
Enjoy what is left of your day *lol*

All photos are SOOC in this post...

You know you: 
(a) have too many photos (is that even possible??)
(b) need to find a better organizing system for photos
(c) need to hone your decision making skills 
when it takes you hours to find, sort and decide for one blog post!!

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  1. janet these are gorgeous! I especially love the one of you in the slot canyon. Jealous of all of the peonies. One of my favorite flowers.

  2. your images have quite taken my breath away...
    {shh...i don't want to spoil this with any rambling words}