Friday, 11 April 2014

Hello,'s been a while

I have learned a few random things since my last post...

Sometimes, when life throws you a curve ball
you curl up into a ball until you can deal with it...
Often, with more clarity and a more positive perspective...
Sometimes, you just need to move forward,
a moment at a time...

Always, it brings you back to 'the moment'
THIS moment
the only moment we truly have...

The kind of moment that is found in a sunrise 
the day of an important doctor's appointment

or the beautiful sky at dusk 
after getting somewhat encouraging news at that appointment

I am choosing to take that as a good omen!


The kind of moment that surprises you...
when neighbours bring a pot of daffodils, those sunny harbingers of spring.
They bloomed on the windowsill earlier this week, despite the snow outside...

It is almost like those blooms, or that wonderful sunshine, 
made all the snow disappear this week!!


The moment when you realize that spring is really,  really here...
and the ice is gone from the pond!!
(and it is even warm enough to go outside without a coat to take a photo)


The moment when you are toiling away at a mindless task 
and you unearth wonderful memories! 

A perfectly wonderful Friday Find!!

Both photos processed with Kim Klassen's 'kk_Barelycolor' Lightroom preset

March was a long and eventful month...
April brings sunshine, and hope and an opportunity for renewal

.... an opportunity to pay attention to the reminder
 to always be present to the moments in our life...


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