Friday, 22 June 2012

photo art friday & {summertime colours} 52 Photos yr2 wk9

I have three philadelphus (mock orange) bushes in my yard...
One on either side of the house at the back corners
and one right outside my living room window.
For some reason the one in the front blossoms slightly later than the other two
so the scent is still prevalent in the yard, the house and the neighbourhood!
As the blossoms are starting to fade, 
with more than a little help from high winds and a wicked thunderstorm last night,
I collected what was left intact on the bush and brought them inside...
trying to capture the scent for just a wee bit longer, I guess
...and a few photos as well (of course!)

I layered this photo three times in PSE
using different blending modes at differing opacities

Posting to Photo Art Friday
I love that I can smell them as I type this!

Photo Art Friday

Experimenting with textures on the other shots and hope to share the results early next week...

Though that shot could also fit Bella's "summertime colours" prompt over at 52 Photos Project,

I chose shots of the most recent bloomers in the garden
because they are so much more colourful!
...and for some reason I am more inclined to post SOOC for 52 Photos

52 Photos Project

Wishing everyone an awesome first weekend of summer!  


  1. Stunning shots you got there. I can just about imagine the perfume that comes of those lovely flowers.

  2. Three gorgeous flower images, Janet! So pleased you shared them with Photo Art Friday.

  3. What beautiful flowers. The Mock Orange is so dainty. I bet it smells wonderful.

  4. Your flower photos are absolutely gorgeous. Especially the last two shots.

  5. All of your photos are so perfect and pretty! <3
    I also doing this project, so fun! :)

  6. I also have a philadelphus in my garden. The smell is so beautiful.
    Lg joelsuma

  7. Beautiful photos. I am visiting from 52 Photos. I need to check out more of your posts. I really love your viewpoint.