Thursday, 14 June 2012

THIS (is what I have been up to) & THAT (is why I've not been around much)

I am missing blogging and hopping!!
but I have to get our wedding invitations made and sent out!

The clock is ticking...
and of course we had to make our own because...
we couldn't find anything that grabbed us
we wanted to keep it simple and affordable
we wanted something we designed that would be unique to us...
because "you only get married once"
or, in our case, twice.

They apparently call it an 'encore wedding'
I sorta like that...

So I was going to cheat a bit...
maybe I could say multitask?
...and just post photos of the invitations we've been making

But then I managed to get a few shots yesterday after the rain to post for this or that Thursday
here they are...
followed by the photos of the invites

A private sneak preview for my blogosphere buds

invitation on ivory recycled card stock
'gate' made with copper vellum
'belly band' of handmade ivory straw paper
raffia bow with a lavender spike from our garden...

Heading out to mail them now!
Cross your fingers that they are not over standard card weight! *lol*


  1. I'm definately crossing fingers, enjoy! :-)

  2. Beautiful invitations ♥ Your quests will be thrilled!

  3. Your invitations are looking really lovely - you are very clever!!! Congratulation on your forthcoming wedding. I didn't realise you were getting married.
    Your pictures are lovely and fresh looking with the rain that you have had.

  4. First off, great blog name! I love a play on words... :)

    Also, your invitations are lovely, so creative and I love the addition of the lavender.

    Thanks for the visit at my place today. :)

  5. So.... were they standard size and weight?! Hubby and I did our own invites four years ago. We actually use a shadow type photo we did of us holding our hands up into the heart shape. Cheesy, I know! I know! But then we printed the wording on vellum and put in over that. Turned our really cute! Not as cute as yours though! Have a good weekend!

    1. Nooo...the weight was okay but that tiny bit of raffia made them incrementally too wide so hat to pay package rate! *lol*
      I think your invitations sound cute, not cheesy!!