Friday, 14 February 2014

Random Five and Friday Finds

when you are going through 80 some odd years of 
your parent's memories
you just have to take a break...

I have tried to scatter little bits of sorting
throughout my week 
rather than spending entire days
going through things...
I thought it might be emotionally easier.
I am not sure if that is the case
but this week held many joys.
...and this was one


My father was one of the founders
of Capital Records Canada
back in the late 40s and early 50s.
When I was born in 1953 
my parents thought it would be 'fun'
to record my birth.
at a time when fathers weren't even allowed 
in the delivery room!

This week I came across the product of that recording session.

I am not sure how many labels were printed
but they glued them onto white cards and sent them out
as birth announcements

See how the details of my birth are displayed 
like song title, producer, length of song etc...
Weren't they clever! 


I know a lot of farm folk follow Nancy's blog over at A Rural Journal
and contribute to Random Five Friday
so this may seem weird to them...
having grown up in a big city and then moving 
to a small town surrounded by farms in my retirement,
I get pretty excited about having real fresh eggs and produce!
Every other Thursday (during the winter)
I get a lovely CSA bin filled with delicious fresh food
from a local farm.
I can't begin to tell you how excited I get about that!

I brag to my city friends and they are so envious!
Especially when I tell them that I will never buy eggs at the grocery store again!

So I want to thank all you amazing farmers & farmettes!
I know you work so hard from daybreak until long after dark
and I, for one, greatly appreciate your efforts!


A few weeks ago I joined a Facebook group
There are 10,000 people out there globally
who are abandoning their art for others to find!
...and now I am one of them!
Can I tell you how exhilarating it was to
sneakily drop a few pieces of my "art"
at the movie theatre?

I think I am already addicted!!


I have been participating in a month long playful online workshop. 
Deb Taylor's Mish Mash has been packed full of fun and creative ideas!
I have (finally) learned how to use my iPhone to take and edit photos!

So far we have explored photography and food in some very interesting ways 
and I am looking forward to the upcoming multimedia exploration & projects 
over the next few weeks!


Saving the best for last!
The Mister is creating a NEW studio for me!!
I am currently using an old workbench in the basement for an art table,
my sewing machine is in our guest room (mostly put away)
and my desk/computer is upstairs in our living room...
We are insulating and finishing the basement this summer
so he put a nice big studio in the plans for me.
With room for my art table, desk and sewing machine all in one space!
We will be emptying the basement to do the work but
just to be sure I would like the space he has put up 
a spiffy new table for me to try out.
Right under a window and beside the fireplace!
He got these angle adjusting legs from Ikea...

and a beautiful glass table top!
I don't want to get too used to it 
because it will have to come down in the spring when we begin the renovations...
but for now I am in heaven!

Well that was a very random five for this Friday...
Hope to see you next week!


    Kim Klassen dot Com   


  1. I found the Art Abandonment thing very interesting! Thanks for joining in this week. xo

  2. Sorry about the above comment spelling mistakes:).
    Oh your studio is going to be incredible. Art Abandonment is taking off here in Canada too so I have heard, what a wonderful wonderful thing..
    Oh your Dad was very clever and I know that is the best memory of how much you were loved. I just went through the process of sorting memories from 80+ years and yes it is demanding and heartwrenching and incredible all mixed together. I wish you well. HUG B

  3. Love the idea of abandoning art I might have to try...

  4. oh wow -- your own studio! have fun. I belong to the art abandoning group, too. your birth announcement is great -- very clever. it is hard to sort through all the memories, but you will find some real treasures -- like the announcement. nothing better than fresh eggs and produce. happy friday and happy valentine's day

  5. What a cool birth announcement! I live in the city, but I get a great CSA organic produce box (and eggs) every week. A new studio sounds exciting!

  6. i love the idea of an art studio ... so fun. a place to enjoy your creativity. ( :

  7. A new studio, how wonderful. That is an awesome birth announcement.

  8. that is a such a fabulous birth announcement..... so inspired.....and YAY for the studio.... that is the BEST.

    happy Valentines...thanks for sharing with FF....

    xo, Kim

  9. Wow, Gosh Janet!! You are full of fun things this week! The record is absolutely fantastic!! I loved those purple Capitol labels. And getting a new craft space - Wowser!! It sure sounds nice, and love that table. The farm produce and eggs just can't be beat! :-) You are one lucky lady!!

  10. What for a great and beautiful idea by your parents!!! This is such a lovely gift and a truly touching find!!!
    An own studio sounds really good...I understand that you are in heaven!
    Enjoy a good time :)