Thursday, 28 June 2012

{release} - 52 Photos yr2 wk10

Deb asks: 
What do you do to lighten up?
How do you let go of the stressors of your day?

So begins her guest post prompt at 52 Photos Project this week...

My first thought was:
"I don't really have any stressors in my day"
I wouldn't say I get stressed about much
All my life people have said how calm I am in stressful situations I never get upset or worked up about anything

I know we all get stressed, and the more I thought about this prompt 
the more I began to wonder if I de-stress as I go through my day
and therefore rarely feel stressed...

Does that make sense?

I start my day with either Yoga or Tai Chi
depending on my mood and the weather...

and then enjoy the sunrise with a cup of coffee
followed by my morning pages a la "The Artist's Way"

I think all of these allow me to start the day in stress free mode...

Throughout the day I am always with Music -
and yes I dance and sing whenever the mood strikes!
and I laugh...a lot!
I think they all provide release from stress too!

In the summer, I find my gardens to be wonderful at keeping my self at peace...
my front porch, pictured below
and the garden shown in my header above are two of my favourite places
for taking a break from routine 
(too much routine is probably my biggest stressor and I avoid it at all costs! *lol*) 

My kitchen & cooking used to be one of my favourite de-stressors after a long day at work!
Now that I am 'retired' I still love to cook and I am thrilled to be able to do it at any time of day!

 I cook up a storm on a regular basis...
usually far more food than the mister and I can possibly consume 
but that's okay ...
I love to deliver a surprise lunch or dinner to one of my elderly neighbours 
just to see the smile on their faces!!

Believe it or not, I also find that doing dishes by hand to be very relaxing
I chose not to own a dishwasher!

and finally,
of course,
taking a walk with my camera is an activity
that has always brought serene moments into my day
and I do try to do it daily...

I have discovered something new about myself...
I do believe that because the things I do to release stress
are scattered throughout my day
that I don't seem to ever feel stressed...

Thanks for that prompt Deb!
I love learning new things about me...

Check out 52 Photos Project to see Deb's fun & unique release mechanism
as well as how the other contributors release their daily stress!

52 Photos Project


  1. Great post Janet, and yes, sounds as if you actively practice lots of stress busters. I think the people that get most stressed out are the people that believe they will have an hour in one month to deal with their issues. Those of us who actively connnect with ourselves every day , I think, resolve that stress, that to others might finally throw them over the edge. good for you, and keep up all you are doing!

  2. Wow, looks like you have a wonderful stress-free life! I'm envious! :)

  3. great narrative, fabulous photography!

  4. Thanks for you visit and comment.
    I can see why you'd be relaxed throughout the day with being able to do things you enjoy. Cheers!

  5. wonderful train of thought.
    i am with you on so much of this {all!!}...