Monday, 28 May 2012

scavenger hunt sunday 27.5.12 with a touch of macro monday

It was a crazy busy weekend but I managed to work in a photo walk at the local park,
 disguised as a dog walk,
with the intent to get a few (however misguided) shots for Scavenger Hunt Sunday!
As the mister strolled along with the pooches I happily snapped away!

With such gorgeous weather I had to make the gardens the priority
and as Saturday slid into Sunday and other family commitments,
I didn't get to downloading the photos until this morning...

hoping that the adage 'better late than never' applies: 
I am posting to both Scavenger Hunt Sunday and Macro Monday with these

1. Beneath My Feet

The bridge over my 'pond'  
I try to spend a few minutes meditating here before starting my daily Tai Chi set

2. Capturing Movement

The puppins at play in the backyard

3. Texture

captured this on my photo walk also posting this to Macro Monday

4. Face Your Fears

Horseshoe Bend    Page, Arizona (from archives)
I desperately wanted a photo that showed the entire Bend 
including the Colorado wrapping it's way around ... just like those professional photos!
A healthy fear of heights made it challenging but this was as good as I could get...

...without standing up at the edge (as documented by the mister)

I went back with a tripod and better camera the following year and did get some better shots. 
However, I realized that without a helicopter I was not going to get the shot I wanted! 
Maybe next year!

5. Currently

Okay, so in my haste I wrote "current" in my notebook...
not "currentLY"
and it was "current" I went to capture on my photo walk in the local park!

This is what the East Holland River along the Tom Taylor Trail currently looks like!

Have an awesome week all!!



  1. These are all amazing photos!! What cute puppins! And I would absolutely kill to have grass like that in my yard! Most of all, I'm glad I found your blog :-)

  2. Wow, I'm also afraid of heights but I could never get so close to the edge of a cliff! I'm already dizzy looking down a staircase =D! Love your photos, especially those cute dogs!

  3. wow, what a feast for the eyes, janet!

    happy macro monday!

  4. Wow, what a great set of pictures. Your wee doggies are so cute and they look as if they are having fun.
    Horseshoe bend - my goodness what a great shot. I am really scared of heights as well which is a real pain.

  5. Great post, and your first shot looks nice :)

  6. Wonderful choices for the prompts this week, Janet. Your "fear" shots are truly amazing...and inspiring!

    P.S. Thank you so much for the sweet comment. I really do appreciate every word!

  7. Ooo I love your texture shot! I love the different greens. Face your fears is lovely. I want to go visit there! I can see how standing on the edge would be scary though.

  8. Wonderful series of photos for your photo hunt. The puppy dogs are adorable and I love the shot of the Horseshoe Bend. Awesome images. Have a great day!

  9. Beautiful set - Face Your Fears is gorgeous!

  10. I love the canyon shots. To get all of teh bend. Yea, you need to fly. :)

  11. Lovely set!! Cannot wait to see you return to your fear spot!

  12. I can relate to the fear of heights & if I ever make it there, I'll be taking pics the same way... sittin on my rump, preferably w/ someone behind me holding on... w/ both hands... and legs... w/ a rope... and harness... etc! seriously, I'm that scared of heights! And I used to think I wanted to sky-dive! ha ha ha =)

    The 'puppins' are just too cute at play running in all that beautiful green, green grass... ours is scorched for lack of rain, but, fingers crossed, it's suppose to rain tonight & tomorrow! YaY!

    I love the bridge and the pond, very nice & relaxing for Tai Chi meditation.

  13. Wow, Janet! Gorgeous set of pics! Love your puppins! Also love very very much your texture shot. But my all time favs? Your face your fear shots! Wonderful!! xo