accidental artistry

the accidental artist defined...

* Special thanks to Aaron Johnson for providing permission to use his comic strip. See more at

One of my more widely viewed accidental pieces is my profile picture!

We were driving down a county road near my parent's place when I saw a dilapidated garage, something I wouldn't ordinarily photograph but I was feeling adventurous!!  I noticed some pretty cool old stuff inside and decided to take a few shots just before hoping back into the car (the chauffeur was getting restless)...needless to say not one picture of the garage contents turned out and I ended up with a collection of accidental selfies!   Of course I could be much more attractive than this with a little post processing but this is accidental artist!

This is what can happen when one accidentally gets too close to the subject of the photograph

This massive blur, with minimal post processing made a delightful texture layer for another photo...

The photo I envisioned did not have the rather nasty surprise dead insect nestled within...

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