Monday, 16 July 2012

5ive more sleeps!! Circles of Love, textures and more!

Where has the time gone??

Busy week ahead before the big day... combining several shots/prompts into one post.

We finally got some much needed rain yesterday, thunderstorms included! 
(gotta love a good T-storm!)
In between the torrents
I managed to get out and grab a few shots of my one clematis plant 
that hasn't succumbed to the heat and drought...
This shot seemed just right for Lisa's Macro Monday and
for Bokeh Wednesday

We also took a trip up to our wedding venue,
the gardens of a Victorian farmhouse just north of us.
The weather on the drive up provided an opportunity
for a good SkyWatch Friday shot

Sorry about more wedding type shots...
trying to find just the right one for our album
and we all know how indecisive I can be!

As it happens they are a good fit
for the 52 Photos Project "Circles" prompt
as well as Texture Tuesday (any two of Kim's textures)
and Photo Art Friday (using one of Bonnie's gorgeous celebratory textures)

The above shot was created with several layers:
a photo of our invitation and one of our rings over the words on a piece of white paper
these were then layered with two of Kim Klassen's textures "chase" and "let go"

In this photo (I call it "Circles of Love")
our rings are on two pages of Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet"
open to the passage about love...
and then processed with Bonnie's celebratory overlay called "Drips of Rainbow" 
available over at Pixel Dust Photo Art.
I just love the way the ring reflection becomes a heart!!

My final shot, taken on my way in from the rain yesterday,
seems to perfectly capture my current state of mind
and a shot for This or That Thursday!

I really do feel like I am going in circles!

I am hoping to get back to visiting everyone's blogs again next week...
(I have a lot of catching up to do!)

Also posting to Flowers for Leontien
Have an awesome week everyone!!
See you on the flip side!


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  1. Love your circle photos incorporating the wedding rings. Very clever!

  2. Oh your weddingring pictures look amazing. I love the one with the heart shaped reflection - very clever!!!
    Have a great day on your BIG day. All best wishes to you both. :))

  3. Oh Janet! I did not know you were getting married ( have somehow missed that) so CONGRATULATIONS, and hope your big day goes wonderfully. Kahlil Gibran my favorite, and love his words on love. Blessings from Texas

  4. Amazing how the heart/ring photo turned out. Congratulations on your wedding. That's exciting. :)

  5. Janet, congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding! I'm amazed that you still have time to visit other's blogs (I'm very impressed)...I want to thank you for the very nice comment you left on my blog about my art work. Your photos are beautiful, especially these wedding themed ones you've shown us in this post. So lovely! Wishing you all the best and may your wedding day and marriage be everything you've dreamed of. :)

  6. love the last shot - very clever!

  7. Love the rings! Great pictures! We got some intense storms yesterday, too!

  8. Exciting weddings are exciting and can be exhausting but something you will never forget Congratulations. Your photos are beautiful with the rings. Beautiful pics and the flowers for Leontien. B

  9. They are all great. Mr & Mrs is really clever!

  10. Your ring images are pure magic! Of course, magic doesn't always happen with the touch of a magic wand. You have clearly put a lot of love and thought into these compositions ... and what results!!! I thought you have made some incredible manipulation to make the ring reflections come out in the shape of hearts! Have to say I love what you have done with the drips of rainbow texture, too.

    May your wedding and marriage be as magical as your artwork.

    Thank you for taking time to link up with Photo Art Friday, Janet.

  11. what an amazing set of photos! I can't pic a favorite one. Each of them has its own charm and story. Really enjoyed your work this week!

  12. Great series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding/marriage. May you day be blessed with love and perfect weather.
    Such pretty photos of your rings, loved the heart reflection. - Also the design of your ring is so different and unique. I liked it a lot.

  14. We are so lucky to be getting rain here on the west coast after such a warm week. Anything to keep the summer fires at bay. - Margy

  15. When is your wedding? Know you are really getting excited ( even in the chaos). Sounds as if your wedding venue spot is going to be lovely. Will be looking for the photos!

    1. One more sleep!! (The wedding is tomorrow!)
      Thank you for your wishes everyone! will be visiting everyone when I return!

  16. Beautiful shots. Very creative.

    My entry.