Friday, 1 June 2012

if it ain't bokeh, don't fix it!

Bokeh is the Photo Art Friday challenge

I love Bokeh!
I decided to make another attempt at using textures,
since Bonnie has gifted a few bokehful ones at Pixie Dust Photo Art
So if it ain't bokeh, you can fix it!

I used the same photo that I started with for my Texture Tuesday post

This time I used Bonnie's pdpa Soft Light overlay 
with the soft light blending mode at 100%
and different hue and saturation adjustments

I like this final product better...
because the bokeh in the original photo is enhanced rather than masked 

I think this was a better texture choice for this photo 
as well as better adjustments...


Happy Photo Art Friday all...
looking forward to black and white next week!!
wishing you a great weekend!

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  1. This is really pretty! Also love your post title.

  2. The adjustments you made have made a perfect marriage of subject and bokehed background. I just love the power of art that is monochromatic and uncluttered. Whatever you are doing - as Janet says - 'if it's not bokeh, don't fix it' - you've got a great recipe. Thanks for sharing with PAF, Janet.

  3. Janet this is a great photo and love your processing. Perfect for the bokeh

  4. The title of your post made me laugh!! I'm trying so hard to get my bokeh right! It's a little better with my new lens that I fondly refer to now as "nifty fifty". I did like the one with the texture the other day, but this one is great too! Happy Saturday.

  5. Love this monochromatic image!

  6. fantastic! and the tones are great!