Monday, 4 June 2012

macro monday 4.6.12

Sometimes the weather is not conducive to going for a photo walk...
Sometimes you are so busy during the day it is hard to find time to snap a picture...

Which is why my macro monday shot this week was taken at night and indoors!

When my brother passed away in April 2010, on of my staff gave me a lovely hibiscus plant...
It is impossible to grow these outdoors with our Canadian climate  
I was told it was difficult to keep them flowering when you grow them indoors...
maybe it was determination and extra special care on my part 
or maybe it was divine intervention
but this lovely plant flowered almost non stop for the first year!
I had to cut it back because it was getting a bit leggy after a year
 and it has flowered at least every other month since...
It is flowering now...

...and seemed to be admiring its own reflection in the bay window last night...

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  1. Awesome macro ~ love the composition and lighting ~ thanks, ^_^

  2. so pretty and love the reflection. Isn't it wonderful when plants are cooperative! Thanks for stopping my MM.

    1. That was 'thanks for stopping by my MM'-- silly typos!

  3. I like all the detail in the flower, and the story behind it is so special.

  4. Beautiful flower and photo!

  5. Lovely close up of this special hibiscus flower,

  6. White hibiscus i very rare. It's very beautiful. The reflection is beautiful too.