me, myself and i

Technically the photos on this page should be under 'out of the zone' ... 
because taking photos of my "self" is lightyears outside my comfort zone!
However, I know that lumping it in with others would give me the opportunity to wriggle out of this.
So, this is where I will post my "selfies" as I attempt to be a braver soul!

Last weekends's accidental selfie made me realize that I have other drive bys in my archives.

Like these ones from a trip through Arizona back when I only had my Olympus

I also recall having one from a trip to Ottawa as well . . . will have to hunt that one down.

This all got me to wondering about why I keep trying to take photos from a moving car?

It also inspired me to take an intentional self portrait...

I have to admit, it felt weird but was kind of fun at the same time!
Perhaps I will be brave now and step away from the rear view mirror and take more with intention...

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  1. I do have to try this. I must say it's out of my comfort zone to snap myself.