Wednesday, 27 June 2012

texture tuesday - the posie edition 26.6.12

I am still getting philadelphus (mock orange) blossoms!
I think I may have photographed every single blossom over the past week
and, continuing with my texture experimentation, have tried a gazillion textures!

I love the many ways that adding texture can enhance a photo!

For Texture Tuesday, the Posie eDition, I chose a few of those photos..

For the first one, I duplicated the photo using the screen blending mode at 29%
added a mask and removed the second layer over the flowers and vase using a soft brush.
I then added Kim's 'Epiphany' texture using the multiply blending mode at 74% opacity
added a mask and removed the texture over the flowers only

For this second one, I again duplicated the photo using screen blending mode, this time at 59% opacity and added 2 layers of Kim's 'Let Go' texture both using multiply at 26% and 14% respectively
I brushed over the flowers and random parts of the mirror frame

I then added one of my favourite Kim Klassen textures ~ 
 'Music Lovin' using multiply blending mode at 67% for the final product (above)

For this final photo, I once again used Kim's 'Let Go' texture
this time using the multiply blending mode at 60% opacity
I also made both levels and brightness/contrast adjustments to this photo

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Kim for all the wonderful videos and textures 
that she so generously provides as well as the awesome courses she delivers!
The techniques I have used here were learned in her skinny mini photoshop e-course!



  1. Looks great!! I just stink at textures!!!!!

  2. Ya know, I bought a book on photoshop layers and started going through it, but never finished it, I gotta get back into it, these are nice!