Thursday, 31 May 2012

This? or That?

....seems to be an apt description of how I am dealing with today!
Many things I could do (and others that I probably 'should' do)
Things I need to get started on...
Things I need to get finished!
don't know where to start ... feeling rather indecisive today

when feeling like this, there are a number of options available...I could: 
(a) grab my camera and go for a photo walk
(b) go to my computer and write a blog post
(c) have a coffee and make a list!
(d) all of the above...

I chose (d)...

The top item on my coffee list (c) was to take some photos of my Jackmanii clematis 
which bloomed this week. 
I grabbed my camera and went for a short photo walk to my back garden (a) and
I am now sitting at my computer writing a blog post about it! (b)

I love it when I can cross things off my list so quickly and easily!

So here are the backyard photo walk photos
SOOC again this week

I was pleased to see this clematis doing so well for only its second year

I just love the colours!

and I love how the centres become these fascinating little curly things after the  petals fall off.

These two shots are actually from my white clematis for the purpose of showing those curly things

I also love all the little knots in the vine and the beautiful way that the plant 'embroiders' itself..


Then I got distracted...because that's the way I roll

I got distracted by all the purple in my garden...
it seemed appropriate, after all the photos last week for 52 Photos Project 'Pink' theme,  
to focus on the purple in the garden...since most of it came about this week

the unopened bud to the side of the flower and at the bottom are about the size of a pencil...

these irises...iris'...iri? are quite tiny flowers on very tall stems
very delicate

my chives are also in bloom...though looking a bit pink here they really are mauve

this is aubrietia also known as rock cress  
as hard as I have tried, I can not find it in the nurseries anymore!!

Bet you thought I got distracted - yet again!!

Nope...this is my purple smoke bush getting ready to...
Keep your fingers crossed for me please?
Last year in the heat, these all dried up and dropped off before my smokebush could bloom!
We need rain!!

Have a great day everyone!

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of her monarch caterpillars' journey into butterflyness!!
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Now....where did I put my coffee cup?


  1. Love your shots here! Such gorgeous colors,,,, and also am very glad that out of your list of to do's, you are "right on" in your prioritizing. Laughed because I am off to day from work, and my list looked very similar.

  2. I sooo love the knots the vines make. How beautiful is that? Wonderful captures, sweet you!

  3. You have a very lovely garden full of beautiful blooms. I love having lists and being able to mark things off as I do them - gives me a sense of achievement, lol. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers.

  4. Beautiful photos! Those colors are so bright!

  5. What a beautiful garden you have! Isn't it great to cross things off a list?!!! Hope you found your coffee:)

  6. Oh such pretty purples! All of these shots are so lovely. And the center part of the flowers by themselves kinda look like fireworks! Pretty!

  7. Janet, the purple on the rock cress and clematis are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the photo of the knot. What a beautiful garden you have. I'm horrible with plant names so it's fun to read your post and learn a little. So glad you chose option D. It would have been my choice, too!

  8. oh what a beautiful garden you have. lot's of pretty purple's and your clematis are absolutely stunning!!

    i am a list maker.....

  9. Your flowers are just beautiful, Janet!
    I especially love the clematis. The color is just amazing.
    So enjoyed reading this post too.
    Good to know I am not the only one who has days like these!
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful day!