Tuesday, 5 June 2012

texture tuesday - the quote edition 5.6.12

Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday challenge this week 
is to share an image with one of our favourite quotes and any one of her textures...

I was pretty excited about this!

I am a quotaholic...
and, as it turns out, my introduction to textures was when I stumbled upon 
 Kim's video tutorial - Textures in Ten - and through joining her "texture lovin' list"...
as well as her Skinny Mini eCourse

I pulled out one of my first texture attempts and reworked it 
using what I have learned since that time
through experimentation and through many of your blogs

I used two of Kim's textures
and this is what I came up with

For this I used two layers of Kim's 'music lovin' texture, both in multiply blending mode
and one layer of her 'paper stained' texture in soft light mode
I used a soft brush to remove some of the texture on the coffee cup and added my text...
(which, as I look at it here, perhaps should have been a bit larger)

and then I couldn't stop....

I really loved the Post Card texture 'dear dreamer' that Kim sent out this past weekend!!
It reminded me of the Post Cards we sent to friends while on vacation as a kid.

I experimented with it as well... 
I couldn't come up with what I felt was the right quote for it in the moment, 
but since I had chosen a photo from a visit to a beach we frequented during my childhood 
I decided to use it as a post card to my brother

I used Kim's texture as the background in this one 
adding my text to it and then adding my photo as a layer
using the soft light blending mode at 53% 

Check out everyone else's wonderful submissions to today's Texture Tuesday
They are awesome!



  1. What lovely photos and processing - that mug is beautiful! I love your quote. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've always loved that quote...and the idea behind it!

  3. ♥ I'm madly in love with your second photo with the post card texture! perfect!

  4. These are both wonderful, I hope you have lots of good memories :)

  5. Yes, the results are magnificent. The truth is that this photo is exquisite colors and textures.

  6. Janet, these are so very, very beautiful.
    I especially love the second one. It is so heartfelt.
    You should be VERY proud of these!

    P.S. Thank you for your comment, and the smile that reading it, gave me! :-)
    My back is doing better, but definitely not where it should be quite yet.
    Thank you so very much for asking, and I will definitely pop in there tomorrow or the next day.
    Seems like I've been away from there for an awfully long time. :-(

  7. Love the postcard. Suits the composition of the photo. Valerie

  8. oh that postcard turned out great. good job

  9. Oh my, Janet! Both are amazing photographs, but the postcard knocked my socks off! Its absolutely beautiful! Wonderful work!!

  10. I love these Janet! Your editing is wonderful! Thank you for the tutorial. xoxo