Sunday, 3 June 2012

scavenger hunt sunday 3.6.12

We've had a very rainy and somewhat cool weekend
but somehow that didn't seem to effect how crazy busy a weekend it was!
It has been challenging but I have managed to squeeze in a bit of time 
for some Scavenger Hunt Sunday fun!

1. Shine

The mister and I are making our own engagement notice/wedding invitations...
I took a variety of photos for possible use and this was our favourite so far...
I like the way my engagement ring shines in the sunlight!
We are thinking of doing our own, shall we say, non traditional wedding photos...
are we nuts? 

2. Fast

One might think this is a fast moving car...
actually, it is me quickly turning away from my own car sitting in the driveway
...and accidentally snapping a picture!
I am, as I have previously explained,  an accidental artist!

3. Left

This weekend we celebrated my son's 31st birthday...
this is all that was left of the cake!

Not the right left?

3b. Left (or Peace)

I left the mister with the puppins on a park bench while I wandered off to get a photo of peace I wandered back I realized that my photo was there ...
he has brought peace to my life...

4. Peace

but I had taken this photo of a peaceful meadow while he was waiting for me...

and I had in mind a 'peace' picture of my zen fountain that is in my archives

since I am just too tired to make up my mind, I threw them all in!

5. Plain

and finally, as we left the park I took a photo of this plain piece of grass...

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend...
mine was wonderfully exhausting so I am off to my cozy bed!
Wishing everyone a great week ahead!


  1. These are great. Love your left and peace photos. Gorgeous!

  2. Lovely series of images. The peaceful meadow is gorgeous. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Love your interpretations, especially the last two are very nice!

  4. Great interpretations - your ring is quite lovely.