Saturday, 5 May 2012

{let the sunshine in} 52 Photos yr2/wk2

Bella's Prompt:
Let the sunshine in ---> Because even in our darkest moments, the sun - the light, can find its way through the cracks.”

It has been mostly dark, cloudy or rainy this week. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get a ‘sunshine’ photo.  

As the week went on I complained to myself about how the bad weather was ruining my opportunities . . . 

While washing the dishes one of those rainy afternoons, I was mentally going through my archives to come up with something I could use for this week's prompt

I looked through the window to lament, yet again, about how the rain was spoiling my week and suddenly I saw it! 
There was my shot! 
I dried my hands and grabbed my camera, knowing that seconds could make a difference in the capture as it swung in the wind.

This is a ‘charm’ on the bottom of my Whispering Bell garden bell, a gift from my colleagues when I left my job last summer.  The charm is actually smooth and round but the rain racing down over it makes it appear bumpy. . .
The scant not quite sunlight light shone through a drip, clinging for dear life, on the final charm as the bell rang out to be heard over the wind.
I rummaged to find the box that the bell and charms had come in so I could explain the subject of the shot and this is what was written on it:
Each Whispering Bell comes with the wish that, when you hear the bell ring, you will be reminded of the beauty around you, in the hearts and souls of all your family and friends.

Garden of Love

When ring the Bells
Lightly fall the Rains
On Heads bowed down in Grace
And now the Summer Sun
Dries each upturned face

The Distant Bells are sparkling
Daisies, Bluebells, joined in Song

On Summer's windswept Day,

All whisper words of Love
While with the Wind they Sway
~ on the Whispering Bell box

As I read this, I was reminded that without the rain, (and the resultant lack of sunshine) my garden would not thrive . . .

When I downloaded the photo from my camera to the computer, and saw the beautiful spring garden colours dancing in the background, I was “reminded  of the beauty around me”  and appreciated my little water droplet of ‘sunlight’.

I knew then that I could wait for the sun to come through and ‘dry each upturned face’

Bella was right!
Even in the darkest moments, the sun – the light,
can find its way through the cracks
. . . and the drips!

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  1. that drop of water is a little bit of magic.

  2. I am absolutely in love with these photos.
    Yes.. there is light to be found everywhere.
    And it doesn't have to be sunshine.