Wednesday, 10 June 2015's like this

I come and I go...
I try to do too much! 
I want to try everything!!
I get lost...
I still love photography
and I am falling in love with other art forms...
I want to try everything!
I don't want to sell stuff...
I just want to play!
For whatever bizarre reason I need permission to play.
(I am not sure whose permission though...)

yes, I have been absent
I have been taking art classes
drawing and painting classes at a local Art School
I am loving it!
I am learning AND I am playing!

I have journaled for 20 years - written journals, poetry, morning pages
Art journalling is one of the things I have wanted to do for a few years
'real' art journaling - but I didn't really know how one goes about that
So I have been doing my own little sorta, kinda art journalling...
in the same sporadic way I have blogged over the past 5 years...

To bring myself back to blogging
and to better participate in art journalling
I have signed up for a 30 day project!!
I loved the one I did with Deb last year 
so thought I would try another committed project!
I need to commit to make myself do things...sad but true.

I once read a blogger who made a commitment to herself and her time
Her mantra was "Mornings are Mine"
I wish I could remember her name or blog name
I enjoyed reading it immensely before I lost my bookmarks
I am going to adopt her mantra!
I am going to create every morning!
for a month at first, but with a view to going further..

I am scattered. 
I am erratic. 
I come and go. 
I try to do too much.
It is what it is.
It is just who I am....


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  1. "Mornings are mine" what a great mantra from whomever that was. I think it is hard to make time for things we love when life is so busy. I do love your poetry. Art journalling sounds like fun. I am sure you did well. Hug B