Thursday, 24 May 2012

{pink} 52 Photos yr2/wk5 - pink! ... perfect picture prompt!

Bella, over at 52 Photos Project, couldn't have chosen a better prompt for me this week!
Pretty much every pink flower I have in my garden bloomed this week...
they are all quite early for us at this time of year, but who is complaining!
We also had a gorgeous week weather-wise...though the gardens are going to need some rain very soon 

I have plans to play with some textures when it finally rains but
it is a very busy time for me in the gardens so these are all SOOC

Posting to
52 Photos Project - why not pop over and join in or view the other entries
this or that Thursday - check out Deb's awesome monarch caterpillar shots

and of course,
 being the indecisive person that I am, it was a little work narrowing down... 
Having already peonied all over the place, I decided to leave them out as well 
as the orchid and hibiscus,  as they are house plants that I can share another time.

So...straight out of my gardens and my camera this week...



:: creeping phlox by the mailbox ::

:: anemone ::

:: bleeding heart ::

These last two I took just this morning!

If my arms were long enough to reach all the way to Nebraska
I would be giving Nancy, from A Rural Journal the hugest hug for her tip 
about using a zoom lens for macro shots!

Thanks to everyone for their tips...still saving for the macro 
and feel more knowledgable about making a selection!

For now...
these were taken with my Nikon 55 -200 mm

:: columbine ::

:: armeria ::

Unfortunately the pinks haven't bloomed yet!!

Have a great day!

52 Photos Project                

P.S. It looks like Nancy has some amazing recipes posted today at the Rural Thursday Blog Hop!


  1. These are absolutely beautiful! The last one's definitely my favorite.

  2. Wow...these are just amazing!

  3. I like them all but I especially love the bleeding heart photo!

  4. gorgeous pink blooms!!!

  5. Oh.. wow.. these are all so gorgeous!
    Beautiful sooc shots!