Friday, 13 March 2015

Random 5ive Friday 13.3.15

It has been a great week!
When one is retired, 
the work world excitement about Friday
becomes a bit irrelevant... 
But Random 5 Friday 
has renewed my excitement for the day!

Today's Random Five


My daughter got engaged in November.
They recently sent out their Save The Date cards

Original Photo by Ronnie Fung
As part of their engagement photo shoot they had a pillow fight...
They used the photos AND the feathers in their cards!

Original Photo by Ronnie Fung
I love how creative they are!


Last weekend it was time to "Spring Forward"
...and someone asked 
"just how far forward did it spring?"

 However, it seems to be edging closer this week...
compared to last week's photo of the backyard, a lot of snow has melted!
The dogs are venturing further around the yard now,
as evidenced by all those footprints!


I had a visitor this week!
We haven't seen a lot of the squirrels this winter,
we assumed because of the extreme cold..
So it was nice to see this little fella 
lapping up the water from melted snow on the railing!
...and to see that all the snow has melted off the BBQ!
Other winters I would have been using it
but this year it was piled too high with snow out there
and far too cold for this delicate flower...


I just couldn't wait any longer to get going with my seeds
so I was pretty thrilled to see the local Garden Centre's post 
pop up on my Facebook feed announcing that it was open 
with seeds and decor items for sale

Needless to say I headed straight there
and, also needless to say
I came home with more than seeds...

What can I say?
I fell in love...
I thought it would be perfect for my herb garden 
... easy to move indoors in winter


I have continued to work through our vacation photos 
as I had time this week...
Random fact number 5 is that I LOVE the ocean...
so here is a shot of Shete Boka in Curacao
If I listen carefully, I can still hear the roar!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend filled with good weather and good friends!

Thanks again to Nancy
for providing the inspirational meme,
and for the time she puts into it!!

Please take the time to visit her page
and the Random Five contributions of others...



  1. 1. That is a fun a clever idea they had. They look like a happy couple.
    2. Hooray that you are starting to see signs of spring. Still all that snow seems so cold.
    3. Cute Squirrel and the sunlight on it's fur looks so pretty.
    4. Fun planter.
    5. Awesome wave shot. I'd love to visit a beach somewhere this year.

  2. Love your photos! And I want one of those revolving planters...great idea for the herb plants!

  3. What a nice post, enjoyed it a lot!

  4. I love the save the date card ... very clever and cute! I like squirrels ... little scamps, but fun critters. Love the revolving planter and should be perfect for herbs. When the plant centers start to advertise -- I'm happy! Happy Friday!

  5. Great photo of the crashing surf. I can hear it too. :) I haven't started any seeds yet but pretty soon. :)