Friday, 11 May 2012

horizon - photo art friday

I am a horizon freak! 
I love sunrises, sunsets, and places where the earth meets the sky or water meets the sky 
- also where water meets land. 
So I guess I generally love places that are 'in between'
Transitional places in nature and all aspects of life have always appealed to me. 
I have always been resilient, adaptable, flexible ...
have always had a "that's the way I am rolling right now" perspective 
Having been through a lot of transition in my life, I guess it is a good thing that I love transitional places!  Or perhaps that is why I love them...

But I digress...
This week's prompt at Bonnie's Photo Art Friday is Horizon and, 
as a horizon freak, 
I have a lot of photos to choose from. 
I have chosen this one of Monument Valley from a trip to Arizona and Utah last fall 
I love the colours.
 The peacefulness of the scene when I took it that morning still resonates in me when I look at it.

I tried a number of textures and adjustments but in the end I decided I love it just as it is SOOC

Posting to Photo Art Friday

Just because I love it I am posting another one here from the same trip.
Also taken at sunrise, but this time from a hot air balloon over Sedona Arizona

Following up Mom's 85th birthday bash with Mother's Day this weekend...
so have been fortunate to have her as our guest all week!
I'll be taking her home to the country on Monday
so will be looking for some photo opps on the way 
and hopefully back to my camera and blog following next week!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Photo Art Friday


  1. both captures are stunning!

  2. these are both such beautiful images!! and you closed with my favorite word, "awesome"!!

    have a lovely weekend!!

    1. fav word too! almost to the point of overuse! lol

  3. Beautiful photos, I am inviting you to come and be part of my blog hop:

    1. Thank you Julie...I will pop over and learn how a blog hop works!

  4. These are beautiful. That Sunset is just perfect.

    1. Thank you Ida! It was definitely worth getting up at 5 a.m. for!

  5. Oh my ... I love both shots. So inspiring ... and such a contrast to each other. So you, too, are a lover of liminal space. There is so much magic and opportunity in transitional/liminal space and you have captured that feeling with your photography!
    Thank you for linking up with Photo Art Friday!

  6. Such pretty images. Love the second one especially! :)

    1. Thanks Nancy...the sun was quite a bit higher in the sky in that one! ... Then was I! *lol*

  7. Both these shots are superb. And you're right about the first one. I wouldn't mess with it. The SOOC is just perfect.

    1. Thank you Marilyn! Maybe when I have learned a little more about post processing ...