Friday, 18 May 2012

a floral photo art friday

An early morning photo foray into the garden this morning 
led to the discovery of this little guy sleeping in one of my clematis blooms...
or so I thought...
as I was shooting I realized that he was actually enjoying my clematis for breakfast!

Both peony bushes are now heavy with blooms!
I love the colours they bring to the garden in front of the house.
One bright red on one side of the steps to the porch

and a delicate pink on the other side...

I do wish they would last a little longer into the summer...
but I always have my photos!

This week, for Photo Art Friday, I decided to dive back into the world of Photoshop 
and applied Bonnie's  "Painterly" texture to one of my peony photos.

This is what I did:
duplicated the photo in soft light at 75%
adjusted the brightness slightly
applied one layer of the "Painterly" texture in soft light at 100% 
and a second in vivid light at 25%
I used a soft brush to remove the texture from the centre after each application
and made a slight levels adjustment

I was pleased with the final product...
it is easy to be pleased if you don't know what else you could have done *lol*

What do you think??
I would love feedback or suggestions on how I might have done this differently...

Wishing you all an awesome weekend!! 
It is a long one for us here in Canada!

Maybe I'll try my hand at photographing fireworks!

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  1. All of these are wonderful, but i reallly love the capture of this little snail in the gorgeous flower!

  2. Yes, that first one is great, I do, however love those textures Peonies, gorgeous work :)

  3. Very pretty photo's of your Peony, the subtle use of the texture really added a dreamy quality to your photo.
    Loved the shot of the Snail, sorry to hear he was having a morning snack out of your clematis though.

  4. Janet, you photos and renderings are fabulous! and the little snail (better you then me) is adorable!

  5. Love your pictures - your flowers are beautiful.

  6. Ilove peonies in bloom. I loved your processing. Beautiful. Valerie

  7. nice work with the flowers. And...good luck with firework shots. :)

  8. Beautiful flowers!! Yes it would be nice if they lasted longer...we don't dare put flowers out here in Alberta ...yet...maybe next weekend. It has been a slow year for the perennials...I haven't had one thing bloom yet!!

  9. I think your processing for PAF was perfect - it looks beautiful! Your images are all wonderful...I love peonies and wish I had some in my yard.

  10. You do some beautiful macro work. I"ve enjoyed your photographs!

  11. Wonderful photos. Beautiful flowers with delicious colors, I really like the snail walks in the first picture. Greetings.