Saturday, 12 May 2012

scavenger hunt sunday - 13.5.12

Another busy week/weekend, with Mother's Day and all, 
but I am trying to keep up with the photo challenges I have committed to
... so these, my offerings for Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt Sunday are all SOOC 

1. Sidewalk
Actually, you are looking at my ditch and the road in front of my home...

we don't have sidewalks...
Apparently these markings on the road mean they are putting in sidewalks this summer.
yay... *sigh*

2. Inspiring

These are the two most inspiring people in my life!
~ My Mister and my Mother ~ 

3. Time

I made this clock.
It hangs in my kitchen and is the only clock in my life.
I had to make it because I could not find a clock that properly represented my perspective of time!

4. Close up (s) happened again! I went out to take one photo and came back with two and couldn't decide!

I loved the way the rainwater collected in this peony bud 
but was distracted by this little guy sauntering through the sedum beside the peony bush

5. With mirror

This is my herb and lettuce garden on my shed and, by chance, my mister in the mirror

...and this is a picture of a butterfly mirror on my patio door just in case the one above didn't count 

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day!!


  1. Nice set of shots - especially love your close ups!

    1. Thanks Patti! I hope to get myself one of those macro lenses some day!

  2. Wonderful set this week, Janet! I love the shed shot with your mister in it! A fabulous capture!

    Happy Mother's Day to you sweet friend.



    1. Thanks Angie! I seriously didn't realize he was in it until after I loaded the photos onto my computer!

  3. ha! you do what I do... post multiple pics... I love the snail shot - amazing colors on his/her shell.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

    1. haha...glad I am not the only one Christine! I don't think I have ever seen a snail shell that close!

  4. I absolutely love the photo of your Mister and your Mother!!

    1. Thanks! It is definitely one of my all time fav photos!

  5. Very nice - I love your capture of the snail.

  6. Beautiful photos. I love that mirror.

    1. Thanks!
      The butterfly mirror? They come in a set of three in home decor stores here... google 'butterfly mirror set' and you'll find them!