Wednesday, 16 May 2012

{movement} 52 Photos yr2/wk4

I was so late posting for last week's 52 Photos Project that I am practically
posting on top of it this week!
I am trying to participate in new photo galleries and challenges and 
I keep finding all kinds of exciting ones
while at the same time trying to learn all sorts of new tips and tricks!

I don't want to overwhelming myself...
at the same time, 52 Photos Project is dear to my heart!
It is what brought me into the realm of photography blogging and online photography communities 
and introduced me to many of the wonderful folks I have met!

So I am committed to make it a weekly priority to get my
52 Photos Project done on time from now on!

Bella's prompt this week is 'Movement'
and the weather today co-operated by making just about everything move!

Those brilliant weather forecasters were calling for thunderstorms but, 
despite some very dark skies at times, we didn't even have rain. 
In fact, we had quite a bit of sun!
and a whole lot of wind!

So I went for a photo walk (a concept I learned from Bella)
and snapped and snapped and snapped...
overturned lawn chairs
even garbage and dust...

In the end
it was the last picture that I took,
while walking up to my front door
that I ended up choosing...

I could have stayed home!
My hair and face would have appreciated it...

Now there is a picture of loveliness that you'll never see!
caption:  'dermabrasion' meets 'rats nest'!!

Hoping to achieve a regular flow of posts from here on in...
wish me luck!

52 Photos Project


  1. oh, but you just know that flag on your mailbox wouldn't have been flapping in the wind 'just so' if you hadn't taken that glorious photo walk. good for you!

    1. true Michelle. I know you are right!

  2. Oh.. your words.. fill my heart.
    A lovely capture. I'm glad you got out to take it :)