Sunday, 6 May 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - 6.5.12

Celebrating my Mother's 85th birthday today at my home with 22 guests so quickly posting and Linking to Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk at Ramblings and Musings.

1. Shadow

We finally got some sun today so shadows were easy to find...

 it was just tough to decide which shot to use
...morning sun in one room or afternoon sun in another...

2. Keys

Have I mentioned that I am indecisive?

3. Smile

I couldn't resist taking this photo when this smiley face showed up on my kitchen counter a few months ago, even though I had no idea what I would ever do with it!
It has been waiting for this day to become my one archive shot...!!

4. Unedited (SOOC)

This is also from my archives but is my all time fav SOOC shot.
It was taken in a slot canyon during my vacation in Arizona last fall!

But in an attempt to follow the rules I have also included a photo taken this week for SHS!

5. Fish

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has a great week ahead!


  1. What great shots. Love your slot canyon SOOC, and your cute smile find!

  2. Great set - really like your flower SOOC.

  3. That canyon shot is pretty amazing -- love all of them! :) & Happy Birthday to your mom.

  4. what an awesome, creative set, i was not able to pick a favorite!!

    i live by the ocean and i am a huge collector of shells!!