Friday, 8 November 2013

The slow road back…Skywatch Friday and Random 5 Friday

Hello Again…

It has been a while…


without further ado 
I am beginning my return to the blogosphere by
posting a photo to
Skywatch Friday
Autumn Sunrise taken from our back deck
by joining in at

a meme brought to us by my friend
Nancy over at A Rural Journal

5 Random Facts about me/my life/whatever

I have been away from blogging for almost a year!
I am hoping to reunite with some old blogger friends
 and to make some new ones as I get back up to speed here
I am fumbling with the controls but I am hoping 
it will all come back to me - like riding a bike again…

Speaking of bikes…
I bought a new one this summer
I searched long and hard for an old fashioned bike like I had as a kid!
You know the kind?
With only one speed...
The kind where you pedal backwards to brake...
I found one called a 'Classic Cruiser'

Google Image  - no credit available
That's me!
A classic cruiser
still wobbling after all these years
...or maybe wobbling again?
All I need is some spokey dokeys and streamers!

I live in, what I consider to be, a small town in Ontario, Canada
Having come from the 'Big Smoke' aka Toronto five years ago
it feels like a small town to us, and has just the atmosphere we were seeking.
My brother, on the other hand, feels that I still live in a 'city'.
He and his wife live in the middle of almost 100 acres of forest,
that my parents bought to build their retirement home on many years ago.
The nearest town is easily 15 or 20 kilometres away.

I love to visit because it is such a peaceful place, full of memories
and a great place for photos
but it is too isolated for me to want to live there…yet!
Burnt River near Donald, ON

As I type I can feel the ground vibrating beneath me…
some earth compacting machine outside my house.
We are getting sidewalks on our quiet smallish town crescent.
They are replacing the ancient water infrastructure
We have heard this would be happening since we moved in 5 years ago!
They started late this summer
One day they cut off our internet, and then broke a water pipe.
They had to work into the night to fix that!
Another day they dug a HUGE hole in my lawn.
I had fun going out and photographing all the chaos!! 

I don't think they'll have the road paved by winter's first snow dump!!

Since losing both of my parents, in less than 10 months, last year
I have been searching all over for my creative mojo
I continued to take photos and, 
occasionally, to experiment in Lightroom.
I pushed myself to post on my Flickr page with some regularity.
What prevented me from totally abandoning my photography
was an e-course, Beyond Beyond, with Kim Klassen.
I am so grateful to her for allowing me to start after the course was in progress, 
and to take a combined class.

Random 5 Friday is a next step on my slow road back…

Thanks for the opportunity, Nancy!


P.S. I have just found a very special treasure in my Mother's belongings…
Will share it in separate post for Friday Finds with the lovely Kim Klassen!!
 Why not hop over and check out both the treasure and the meme!

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  1. Welcome back! - I've just realized that I have visited your blog before and loved stopping by. I do hope you'll continue posting. That view of the Burnt River is lovely. - Quite a commotion going on in your street/yard. That will be happening to ours soon as there is a busted water line in the street by our driveway. Which means having our water meter moved, having part of our yard ripped up, the street torn up and trying to figure out where to park while all that goes on. So not looking forward to that.

    Here is my link:

    1. Hi Ida!! Thanks! It is good to be back! Be careful where you park! My car was hit when park on the street around the corner the other day!! Someone who wasn't used to a car being parked there when they backed out of the driveway! *sigh* Will be hopping over to see what you've been up to soon!

  2. It is so nice to see you back here!!

    1. Thanks Lisa…good to see you and your awesome work again!

  3. Welcome back, and beautiful skywatch shot!

    1. Thanks you..and thanks! Heading your way shortly to check out yours!

  4. What a beautiful sky! The reflection on the second photo is so wonderful!

  5. Visit u back. Thanks for dropping by and leaving comment. Lovely photos!
    Sad to know your loss. My both parents have passed away too, but it must be much harder for you to experience the fact of losing both parents in the same year.