Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Texture Tuesday 26.11.13

Duplicated photo in Soft Light blending mode@ 33%
kk_watefront6 in Normal blending mode @ 40%
kk_waterfront15 in Soft Lift blending mode @ 56%
Brushed over basket and blooms with large soft brush @ 25% opacity

The ground is covered with snow and I have company this week
so pulling this shot from the archives…

Having a great week with my sister-in-law
who is like a best friend and sister rolled into one!
She is down visiting for a week after a year filled with
market gardening and working as a cook at a kid's camp.
Her story is fodder for another blog post...
besides being a great wealth of knowledge of all things growing,
she was likely the person who
influenced me most when it came to gardening…
It is possible that without her, many of my floral photos may not ever have existed.
In addition she is a great shopping companion 
(we both dislike shopping)
and a wonderful confidant and sounding board!
She also kept my parents company 
and helped them out tremendously before they passed away
I am always grateful for her!

Let's hear it for awesome sisters-in-law!




  1. Gorgeous, Janet. Wow. Beautiful work. :)

  2. LOVE the close crop and the white flowers Janet!! How nice you have a friend and sister (in-law) to do so many things together! Have a wonderful week, and lovely Thanksgiving!

  3. So beautiful, Janet! The airy feeling in the Photo is so soft, giving a light feeling. I hope we would also get some snow here soon :-)