Friday, 15 November 2013

Random 5/ Friday Finds/ and some sky

It IS Friday!!!

Combining three memes today…
Random 5 Friday over at A Rural Journal
Friday Finds at Kim Klassen's Cafe

I hope you will take some time to follow the links  
and enjoy the work of the many talented people who participate! 

Here we go...


I have always been an early riser.
I love to watch the sun come up…
This year I decided, again in an effort to motivate myself,
to record the sunrise every morning with my camera.
Somehow, I began getting up later and later
and as the sun started rising earlier in the summer I missed a lot.
But I am pleased to say I am back at it now!
Partially because I am getting up earlier again…
and partially because the sun is rising later 
(how nice of it to help me out like that!)
Using Skywatch Friday
as a motivator! 

Yesterday I was fortunate to capture both the sunrise...

and the moon rise!


It snowed!!
I am not a lover of winter…
but photography makes it bearable.
I love the way the snow arranges itself
in the gardens...
I spent some time wandering my gardens 
and taking some photos on Wednesday morning
after our first snowfall of the year


I am a quotaholic!
I have notebooks dating back to the 60s
(yes, I was alive then!)
filled with quotes that caught my fancy.
It is an addiction from which I have never recovered…
needless to say I have a lot of notebooks!
Interestingly, when I am looking for quotes
for my quotography,
it is those notebooks that I turn to rather than the inter webs.
So I was delighted to come across this quote.
It seemed to fit one of the snowfall photos perfectly…

I was so delighted to discover the snow
resting across this grass…

The combination of these little discoveries led to the creation of this week's 
Friday Find

Processed in Lightroom using Kim's kk_lettherebelight preset


Losing both my parents in such a short time frame 
and dealing with all that comes with being an estate executrix
I have found it difficult to find the time, energy and motivation 
to create…
my camera, once my trusty always-at-my-side companion
spent a very long time on the shelf
…not a nice way to treat such a good friend!
I enrolled in Kim Klassen's Beyond Beyond e-course 
to push myself to take it out again! 
That got me motivated
but there was something still holding me back... 

This week I have been attending an e-gathering called
"Come as you are and leave more you"
hosted by creativity catalyst Tracey Duncan.

I have found it extremely valuable
in moving forward with my creative endeavours!
It feels good to be where I am now…
not where I eventually want to be, but a lot further ahead than I was,
and with a better understanding of what is tripping me up 
and a clearer vision of where I am going!


My mother used to love to sit in our living room
with our two dogs laying on her lap…
All three of them would fall asleep for an hour every afternoon!
We call them the  'grand dogs' as they belong(ed) to my daughter 
before she had to move into a place where she couldn't keep them..
I love dogs and have had them all my life 
but had decided not to get another after the last one 
because we now travel more and more at the last minute.
We couldn't see them separated or given up
so we took them until her situation changes.
That was about two years ago.
The Mister and I have gotten attached…
I don't think she is getting them back!
Here they are, just after their visit to the 'spa'

Thank you so much for visiting!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Kim Klassen dot Com


  1. Well ... I can understand why you've become attached to those two pups! They're sweet as can be! And keep shooting ... it's good therapy for whatever ails you.

    1. Thanks Dotti…I have found it very helpful so far!

  2. Love your photos and quote, and of course the "grand' dogs.

  3. So nice to meet another Quotoholic! I used to have spiral notebooks full of quotes I'd collected. :-) But unlike you, I'm NOT a morning person! I have lots of sunsets but only ONE sunrise shot. And those puppers are adorable!
    Visiting from Random 5 Friday and Friday Finds.

    1. Sunrise/Sunset….as long as you catch one or the other! *lol*

  4. That pup shot is the best! True companions for sure! Aloha

  5. i love dogs too, can't imagine our lives without them! my daughter is a quotaholic too!

    1. …I know, right? I don't think, in my entire life, that I have gone for more than one year without at least one!

  6. i love how your pups turn their heads so perfectly. so cute. a quoteholic ... cute term ... i love quotes. write many i find down for future reading. ( :

    1. So often the two of them move in tandem…it really is quite humorous to watch them!

  7. Such a lovely upbeat post Janet -- one I needed today! Love those adorable pups and your quote albums. I started saving my favorites to Goodreads.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it, Nancy, and that it made your day just a little better! I am thinking of moving my quote collection online…I thought it might make it easier to find specific ones…good to know that Goodreads is a good place to do so!

  8. I am not a lover of winter…
    but photography makes it bearable. My sentiments exactly. Living in Chattanooga, TN, we haven't had snow yet but it's getting colder. This year I can look forward to taking photos w/my iPhone. I really love the simple elegance of the grass in the snow photo!

    1. Thank you for your comment, oh fellow winter disliker! *lol* I am always impressed by folks who can get good shots with their iPhone! Try as I might I have little luck with mine!

  9. Love the quote and really love the photos ... those pups are so cute!
    I have always wanted to be an early riser .... I just can't seem to do it ... LOL
    Snow? Don't want it .... but I'm sure we'll get tons of it again this year! :-(
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! My early rising likely comes from years of working shift work as a hospital dietitian and I never got over it when I changed careers…several times! I have to admit that I do not get up as early as I once did (4:30 a.m.)

  10. Wow this was a nice post. I love quote's too, never thought about keeping them in a notebook. May have to give that a try.
    Sweet little dogs, they do grow on you don't they. I have been enjoying taking my mom's little dog, Pixie out for walks lately.
    No snow here yet except in the mountain which is where I hope it stays for awhile because I too am not a "winter" person.

    1. Hi Ida! Thank you. Walking dogs is one of the health benefits of owning them…it kinda makes you commit to regular exercise in a more fun way! Here's hoping your snow stays there on the mountain for as long as you would like!
      P.S. Would love to see a shot of the snow on the mountain if you have one! (no mountains around here!)