Tuesday, 19 November 2013

texture tuesday 19.11.13

It is hailing outside…
so I'm warming myself up with sunny photos from the summer
for this week's Texture Tuesday

I love how bright and cheerful Black Eyed Susan's are!
…and the warm tones added by Kim's texture...

Duplicate image - Soft Light blending mode at 26%
Texture - kk_cherishscripted @ 75%
Lightly brushed flowers with soft round brush @ 50%
I have noticed during my blog hopping 
that some people include a 
"What I did" 
explanation of their photo processing.
I really liked that!
Sadly, I am not routine enough to remember every time…
but when I do I remember, I will do it!

I'd like to thank all of my past blogging buddies
who have been kind enough to comment and to welcome me back to the blogosphere,
as well as the new folks who have made me feel welcome
at new memes that I have been trying out!
It almost feels like I hadn't left!

May you string together some glorious moments today!!


Be sure to see the beautiful textures and textured photos
over at Kim Klassen's


  1. Lovely shot janet! and a great way to cheer yourself on a stormy day!

  2. I love yellow truly a wonderful reminder of the Summer, I'm like you I start out with a plan to write down my process but i always forget .

  3. What a lovely bright post for this time of year, and I love how the "susans" are barely peeking over the cup edge. Adorable!