Monday, 11 November 2013

macro monday 2 11.11.13

"I work from awkwardness.
By that I mean I don't like to arrange things
If I stand in front of something, instead of arranging it, I arrange myself."
~ Diane Arbus

This is how I roll…

I love macro shots!
For me, it often happens that when I am taking a photo, 
that I spot some detail or colour or bug that catches my eye
and I have to explore further with my lens!
My neighbours and friends often comment laugh at me
for how close I get or the convoluted positions
 I get myself into to capture a photo…

My vision has just begun to feel the impact of my age 
and I often can't tell, from the back of my camera, 
how well a photo will turn out.
So when I import my pictures to the computer
and find one that is what I had hoped for,
I know that all those tangled and awkward positions
have been well worth the effort!!

So, I was a little surprised and disappointed, 
upon my return to to blogging,
to discover that the Macro Monday meme
that I had previously participated in had closed its doors…

Then last night, while doing my regular Sunday blog rounds, 
 I was delighted to find a new one,
Macro Monday 2 , hosted by Gemma Wiseman!

For my first contribution I have chosen a photo from this summer
of a friendly bee on one of my coneflowers...

Thank you, Gemma, for providing a space to post and enjoy the macro photos of others!


Macro Monday 2


  1. Great Macro shot of the bee. Don't you just love how fuzzy they are. - I may have to check out MM2.

    1. You should Ida! If I remember correctly you have had some fabulous macro shots on your blog in the past!

  2. absolutely beautiful image, wow!

  3. A impressive and beautiful photo with nice details.

    1. Thank you Christian…I see you have a love for the little guys as well!

  4. Isn't he just gorgeous! Don't worry--you're not alone in being 'acrobatic' to get a good shot :)

    1. He was a very well behaved subject! (or was so busy collecting pollen that he ignored me!) Happy to meet a fellow acrobat!