Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday Finds!!

when we least expect it
something beautiful and special appears before our eyes…

Yesterday, while going through some of my late mother's effects
I found the most incredible treasure.
It made me cry…
because it brought back a memory of finding her sitting on her bed
reading it as I walked into her room just a year or so ago…

It was a letter.
Worn and stained and creased 
with the love of many openings and closings
over almost 70 years…

Written on Valentine's Day 1944
from a brother whom she loved dearly.
She was 16, he was 21
She often described him as her favourite brother
because he was so good to her growing up as the youngest sibling.

I love how he calls her "toots" and teases her!

He was away at war, a Sergeant with the R.C.A.F., at the time of writing.
He never came back
His plane shot down during a mission over France
Missing. Presumed Dead.

It gave Mom so much comfort in her life
and now, somehow I find comfort in being able to hold it.
…and read it...
A glimpse into the young woman 
who was too young to join her father and siblings in service.
…and her very special relationship with her brother
who clearly loved her very much.

It seemed appropriate that I found the letter just before 
our Canadian Remembrance Day.

Sgt C.C. Evans  R.C.A.F. before going overseas
I think I owe, not only my freedom to this man,
but also the wonderful relationships
that I had (and have) with my own brothers 
as a result of our upbringing by a woman
who so cherished her brother as a friend, a sibling and mentor.

Thank you, Uncle Bud.

…and thanks to Kim, for the opportunity to share my Find!


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  1. What a poignant story! And so well timed for Veteran's/Remembrance Day.

  2. Oh Janet -- I have to admit I became rather misty reading this. My son is headed to Afghanistan in a month and this really hits home for me. xo

    1. Oh Nancy…it must be hard sometimes to be the mother of a hero! *hugs* Wishing him a safe and swift return from his tour...

  3. Such a beautiful thing for you to have, and something that meant so much to your mother. Can you imagine that your uncle would be so amazed to think that this letter would be so meaningful to people for so many years. A real treasure!

    1. Hi Jeanne!! What a great imagination you have! I think, based on what little I know of him, that he would be thrilled and a little cocky about it! *lol*

  4. Thank you Janet for your kind comment on my blog.
    Dash it, with this post of yours you have be dripping tears on my keyboard, I too had such a brother whom I lost not in the war but to the war none the less. After it, he spent 15 years in a Russian concentration camp and since the iron curtain was securely up at the time, I only managed to see him once more when it became possible to tavern behind it again.