Thursday, 26 July 2012

{White} 52 photos project yr2 wk14

A traffic jam on the highway!
The best man, the mother of the mister,
and my son (who was seating my mother)
were all held up in that traffic jam...

There are definitely advantages to a casual garden wedding...

We took advantage of the wait to pose for a few photos

(taken by my daughter with her iPhone)

and I took advantage of the wait to take some of my own...

White bouquets
waiting patiently for the wedding to begin...

and at the reception, white baby's breath in antique jars - gifts from my father
to give him a presence at our wedding celebrations

We invited our guests to bring their cameras
and be our 'official' photographers and 
they did an amazing job!

(taken by my nephew, Daniel)

... and, as you can see the ceremony did eventually happen!

There are definitely advantages to having a casual wedding!
How else could the bride get away with running around photographing the guests?
I managed to get some great shots of them so I could put together this thank you

Also posting to This or That Thursday
where I found the links that led me to explore templates
and tutorials for our thank you collage!

Playing catch up this week so hope to visit everyone's blog soon!

Janet xo

52 Photos Project


  1. You look wonderful! Love the babies breath in the vases!

  2. It looks like it was a wonderful day, Janet.

  3. Oh congratulations to you both - looks like it was a wonderful day for you all.
    You both look lovely and very happy. :)

  4. OH CONGRATULATIONS on our lovely wedding! Great photography, and looks as if everyone had a wonderful time!

  5. Congrats to the newlyweds! And I really like your last photo - the compilation of all the photographers.

  6. These photos are all so beautiful, and capture so much love!

  7. these are all wonderful photos. love the idea of a casual wedding and the guests as photographers.
    so very special...

  8. Congratulations, Beautiful shots.