Friday, 6 July 2012

photo art friday 6.7.12 - architectural edition

Not far from my home was the site of an old tannery from the early 1800's...
Some years ago a developer built a very high end mall on the site
which, of course, came to be known as The Old Tannery Mall.
The architecture is quite stunning (I think)
but apparently the developer neglected to note that this small community 
is surrounded by farmland
and the mall just didn't seem to be able to maintain its high end retailers...

It is now home to the local GO train station,
(commuter trains to the big city on weekdays)
a private vocational school,
a few government offices and
program space for the nearby hospital...
One day earlier this summer, while participating in one of these programs
 I took my camera along to capture some of the beauty of the place

looking between marble balusters from the third floor to the coffee shop on the main floor

looking straight out over the second floor and the countryside to the north
those trees in the centre of the mall are all real!

this round balcony overlooking the main floor 
is very popular with local wedding photographers

looking up to part of the second floor - note the detailed work on the ceiling

straight up fro the main floor
I LOVE the natural light that the huge glass roof provides

looking up to the place where the first photos were taken from

a cleverly disguised elevator shaft

marble fountain reflecting an arch and a headless looking photographer...
that would be me *lol*

beyond the fountain

a hallway from a mall entrance

the archway and door into unoccupied space 
that apparently was once a very high end restaurant.

I love so many things about the architecture of this building
perhaps most, the mixture of old and new styles...

Busy getting ready for our wedding 
so didn't have a chance to experiment with textures yet

Have a peek at the amazing art on display there now!

Photo Art Friday


  1. Nice shots. I like all the interesting angles.

  2. These were just wonderful. I agree the building has a lot of awesome architectural elements.

  3. Great shots and love the perspective that you have captured on these.

  4. WOW! Fantastic captures and CONGRATULATIONS! When is your wedding day sweet you?

    1. Thanks Angie!! July 21st is the big day! Yikes... only 2 weeks left and so much to do!! *lol*

    2. OOOOOOHH!! It's coming up, yes! Wow! Very excited for YOU!!! CONGRATS!! CONGRATS!! CONGRATS!! :-D XOXO

  5. Great architectural details and interesting angles. Love your header shot, too. Good luck with your wedding! :)

  6. Janet! You have shared some fabulous architectural angles and details with Photo Art Friday. Thank you so much!