Monday, 2 July 2012

macro monday 2.7.12

It is July already!

I am fortunate to live in a smallish town 
where a five minute drive in most directions
puts me on a country road and the peace of rural scenery.
I say "smallish" because my brother, who lives in the country near a much smaller town, 
laughs when I say I live in a small town...this is like the big city to him!
Having moved here from the BIG city four years ago,
I enjoy it as a small town...

Everything in life is

But I digress....

The long Canada Day weekend afforded the mister and I with the opportunity 
to attend a few celebratory parties with friends in nearby smallish towns
so we allowed ourselves plenty of time for photo stops...
....because that's the way we roll...

This is where I gasp "what a great shot that would make"
and he stops and waits patiently for me to be distracted by every little thing 
between that 'great shot' and the car

Does anyone else do this?

This weekend the "STOP" was for a highway sign 
that I thought I might like to use in one of our wedding pictures.
The aforementioned distraction was the wonderful growth, along the side of the highway,
of pretty flowers weeds flowers

(I read somewhere recently that a weed is simply an unloved flower
so I believe these to be flowers, because I love them!!)

I will let you decide if they are flowers or weeds...
posting to Macro Monday

I have loved Queen Anne's Lace since childhood, 
when I used to bring posies of it home to my Mom

but I have always found the lacy bits underneath to be equally as intriguing as the tops

I don't know what these are but they grow everywhere... 
...beside sidewalks in town and the country roads 
I love them too!

If anyone knows what these are called, I'd love to hear from you!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Lisa, over at Lisa's Chaos
for holding this space for us every week, even while she was moving, packing and planting!

To see great macro shots from photographers all over the world, click over to her site! 


because I believe these to be flowers, not weeds, also posting for Leontien


  1. I was told all flowers were once weeds, so if the 'weed' blooms, I don't pull it, or if it's green, or.... I guess I hate to weed.... wonderful shots taken

  2. I adore your header picture! Is this your yard?

  3. Queen Anne's lace is a favourite of mine too. Lovely shots!

  4. How nice to discover another Canadian blogger. I'm visiting from Macro Monday, where I'm sharing some feverfew photos. Your yellow wildflower is birdfoot trefoil.

  5. Great post! I have just got back to blogging after having a child and wanted to drop by to say hello. Stop by my blog if u get a chance and also
    take a moment to go "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook

  6. Love your macro shots, especially the last two!

  7. Janet Happy belated Canada Day from another one who celebrated. I love Queen Anne's Lace bits under also.
    Thanks for sending Flowers for Leontien they are beautiful. B

  8. Gorgeous! Love the middle shot best, the angle at which you shot it is incredibly beautiful. Well done, Janet! Wow! :) xo