Tuesday, 3 July 2012

not quite texture tuesday - anything goes edition

Texture Tuesday has been switched up
over at Kim Klassen's Cafe !

Kim has designated the first Tuesday of the month as
"Not Necessarily Texture Tuesday" 
and this is the first 'edition'
in Kim's words
"Basically this allows you to link up any fav photo you like... 
textured or not, processed or not... anything goes...."

It is no secret that I am a lifelong quotaholic
(I have notebooks full of them from as far back as high school!)
I think it is also common knowledge that I watch the sunrise daily...

So for this first edition of Not Necessarily Texture Tuesday
I am posting a quotograph!

Though I did not use a texture 
I have used a technique that I learned from Kim in her Skinny Mini Photoshop course.

I used a photo from earlier this spring and added a duplicate layer 
using soft light blending mode at 10%,
to enhance the visibility of the 'ribbons' before adding the text...

The "ribbons" in the sky immediately made me think of this quote...
it took me until this weekend to find it in my notebooks!!

Posting to (Not Necessarily) Texture Tuesday



  1. What a lovely photo, and glad you found the quote as it is perfect!

  2. Stunning sunrise and perfect quote to go with! Love how you put it all together and, like you, I enjoy using the duplicate layer @ soft light, too :)

  3. So very pretty! Love the treatment.

  4. I love your use of "quotograph" - so clever! What a lovely photo...I collect quotes, too! I love them and am always searching for more...thanks for sharing your beautiful image!

  5. Lovely work!

  6. Okay, this is just stunning. Stunning. Wow. Love the thoughtful composition and purpley/mauve sky. Just gorgeous, Janet. Beautiful work!