Friday, 27 July 2012

photo art friday 27.7.12 - Pinky Swear

I loved the concept...
but the photo didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.
...tough to take when one of your hands is tied up...
and the background was ... shall we say...
 less than stellar?

So I opened my Pixel Dust Photo Art textures file
and played around

In the end I had used the following pdpa textures:
Vintage Craqueline 
Rose Dust 
Soft Light overlay 
Golden Bokeh 
and Never Seen Before (cropped)
...and was pretty pleased with the results

Posting to Bonnie's Photo Art Friday
...some may say it is an "improbable pairing" *lol*

Also posting to SkyWatch Friday... this SOOC shot
 of a gorgeous thunderstorm over Lake Ontario 
was taken earlier this week 
from my daughter's 37th floor condo that overlooks Centre Island and Porter Airport

We really needed rain here and, though I was glad it held off until after the wedding,
I was very glad to see it finally arrive this week.

My gardens sang and danced in the rain...
photos to come...

Have a great weekend all!
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Janet xo

Photo Art Friday


  1. Beautiful janet! And again, CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Your "improbable pairing" is really sweet! Great job with the image.

  3. your pinky sweat is fantastic!

  4. Beautiful ring and hand picture

  5. 37th floor?! Wow! The view is beautiful! Your submission for PAF is beautiful!

  6. beautiful! Happy skywatching:-)

  7. Your "Pinky Swear" turned out lovely and shows a tender moment so perfectly.
    Wow that is an awesome looking sky.

  8. I love the pinky swear - and if your pairing is improbable in real life - it looks happily intimate in your digital treatment of it! Great work! Thank you for sharing with Photo Art Friday! Love your other image in this post too!!

  9. The image of the hands is just outstanding! I love, love, love it. The textures and colors are blended so beautifully.