Saturday, 22 September 2012

{Season's Beginning} 52 photos project yr2 wk22

Bella, of 52 Photos Project
has invited us to share photos of the season change where we are.

Here in Southernish Ontario
fall is just on the edge of beginning to show it's colours...
There are only one or two trees visible from my home
that have turned...
Yet, there are other signs that autumn is about to
be upon us...

The Rose of Sharon is still producing new blooms, 
though they quickly wilt with the lower temperatures at night.

But for one clematis that is still clinging to the vine,
the rest have put on their fuzzy fall sweaters  

The irises (iris'? irii?) are dropping their seeds for next years growth

...both the yellow ones in the pond as well as the (once) blue ones in the front garden

..and as some flowers are beginning to fade

others are just blooming to give the garden 
that last burst of colour before the frost
and the flying snow...

I hope to be taking off into the air over the next few weeks 
to capture some fall colour shots from above.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Janet xo

52 Photos Project


  1. Nice collection of photos showing the change of the season. Glad to see you took the opportunity to photograph the moment.

  2. Beautiful. I love what you have captured!

  3. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs. Cheers

  4. love when the garden begins to decay and go to sleep - great shots!

  5. Thanks for sharing your garden!