Friday, 28 September 2012

{Withering Beauty} 52 photos project yr2 wk23 & photo art friday

"In the decay lies beauty."
and Bella, of 52 Photos Project fame,  invited us to look for it 
in our surroundings this week.

Meanwhile, over at Photo Art Friday, Bonnie has invited us 
to be aware of abstractions in nature this week 
and the beauty they provide... 

...and I was delighted to find a 'mysterious' little treasure on my deck railing
that worked for both prompts!

The mystery is not in the 'what'
but in the 'how'

The 'what' is a seed pod from one of my poppies,
 which grow in front of my house and at the side near the front...
The mystery is how it got from one of those two places
to the railing of my back deck
in such perfect condition!!

These first two shots are SOOC

Then I started applying some of Bonnie's textures that I have been wanting to use...

pdpa Age It

pdpa Other World

and finally pdpa Ancient Treasures

Which is your favourite?

Though I am not sure HOW it got there without damage... 
I know I am happy to have had such a treasure placed before me!

Wishing you all a wonderful fall weekend!

Janet xo

52 Photos Project

Photo Art Friday


  1. Love this seed pod and series of photos!

  2. This is so cool. I love seeing seed pods like this and you so rarely do. Your processing is great. I think my favorite is the one with the Otherworld texture.

  3. the otherworld texture also is my favorite! great series!

  4. The intricacy of the pod is amazing. I like the application you have made of the Other World texture - the blue background really sets off the beige/brown pod. Thank you for sharing your photo art with PAF, Janet.

  5. Exquisite, Janet. I love the mystery and the magical feel of each one and I LOVE how the textures made such HUGE yet subtle shifts in focus. BEautimous!!!

  6. So interesting and lovely!

  7. A treasure indeed! Thank you for linking up this week :)

  8. How lovely! Like a tiny birdcage.

  9. I'll never toss another poppy pod again!
    fabulous ...