Monday, 17 September 2012

macro monday 17.9.12

September is half over already!

One of the things I love about the fall is entertaining...
people are back from cottages and vacations
and the weather is still nice enough to be outside...
(and not to have to worry about cancelling due to snowstorms)

This weekend we tried something new
and had a ball!

One of our guests brought a bouquet of 
the most beautifully coloured roses I have ever seen!

We had invited a friend and a friend of the friend for dinner.
Both have backgrounds in cooking and kitchens.
One (the friend's friend) is a chef.

What to serve? What to serve?
Especially when you don't know one of the guests very well...

So, to make it fun I came up with this idea...
We had, what I came to call, a "Pinny Party".
For those of you on Pinterest, this might make more sense.

I 'creeped' Paul (the chef's) Pinterest.
(Creeping is like stalking or spying on someone's stuff)

I went through and collected recipes he had pinned to try
and prepared a few to make sure they were good.
Man did we eat some good food over the past few weeks!
...and only one bad recipe in the batch!

Without warning we served dinner and watched Paul's
reaction as he discovered that each was a dish he had wanted to try.
"Oh! I saw this recipe on such&such a site and was going to try it!"
Finally, with dessert I revealed where the recipes came from!
Discussing the recipes made for easy conversation during the meal
- a sort of jumping off point to connect with someone you don't know well..
It was a lot of fun!

What an easy way to please a guest and be sure that they'll like what you are serving
The bonus was that at the end of the evening 
Paul announced that he felt "honoured"!!

If I was a bit more on the ball
I might have thought to take pictures of the dishes...
but they were all gobbled up before I even thought of it!

So today's submission for Lisa's Macro Monday
is yet another flower photo from me...
... a close up of one the lovely apricot and deep red roses ...

All of the recipes I used were definitely 'keepers' so I am sure 
I will have another chance to photograph & share them soon!

wishing all a wonderful week ahead!

Janet xo



  1. That does sound like a fun party. Those roses are just fabulous!

  2. Ummm, what a great idea Janet, and a win win for both! I'm always on the look for tried and true recipies....

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. Those roses are gorgeous.

  4. Such beautiful roses, I love those two tone ones! That macro is perfect :)

  5. The roses are beautiful, I love the coloring. Sounds like you had a yummy dinner :-)