Friday, 14 September 2012

photo art friday & flower art friday 14.9.12 - Life is...

This week’s prompt over at Bonnie’s Photo Art Friday is 
to compose a seven word sentence 
that describes your life/experience/process as an artist 
and marry it to a piece of photo art that illustrates that sentence

Using a photo from my trip to Blue Mountain last month
and the texture pdpa Starburst from Bonnie's Pixel Dust Photo Art
I chose a sentence that actually has reflected my perspective on life in general 
since I was in my early 20s!
I was pleasantly surprised when I recently discovered 
that it also applies to my photography as well

you see
in my view
life is like a game of chess
one right or wrong move doesn't win or lose the game...

This simple premise has allowed me to make decisions 
that I might not have otherwise made in my life
as a result of fear of being wrong or of making a mistake.
I believe this has allowed me to live my life more fully.

This spring, during Vivienne McMaster's Rule-Free Photography e-course,
I realized that I could apply the same principle to my photography.
It was liberating to say the least!

It allowed me to stop listening to the friend
who was always telling me how 'wrong' or 'imperfect' my photos were
because I didn't have money to purchase the 'right' 
or the talent...

It encouraged me to get involved with all these blogs, prompts, memes and challenges, 
where I have met and learned from so many talented (and non judgemental) people!

...and now, 
I have had several requests to purchase my photos!! 

Life IS like a game of chess!!

also on the roster today is LeAnne's Flower Art Friday
again, I used one of Bonnie's textures
'pdpa Vintage Vellum'
this time on a shot of a Rose of Sharon taken last weekend

LeAnne has an incredible photo today, a lot of interesting posts and 
a new "Snapshot & a Song" meme on Sundays that is a lot of fun

Seems to me that this would be a good time to express
my whole hearted gratitude
to Bonnie and LeAnne, and to all of you, 
for sharing your amazing work, your discoveries
and your time...

Have an awesome weekend folks!
Also posting to Flowers for Leontien...

Janet xo

Photo Art Friday



  1. Fabulous sentence and image to go with it. I also love your rose of sharon with Bonnie's texture.

  2. What a great philosophy! The chess picture is phenomenal...I understand why people would love to purchase your work. Well done.

  3. this is so rich, Janet!! I love how you have woven things together and touched upon YOUR refreshed perspective.

    I, too, had some people who made me feel inadequate BEcause I only had this sort of camera and PSE NOT real Photoshop... it kept me from spreading my wings for a long time. Now I am sometimes guilty of thinking I "NEED" to know more, okay, OFTEN, but I have learned some ways to bring myself in off the ledge of judgments.

    I love your photograph and though how you did it still mystifies me, what is WRONG with BEing mystified?! LOL!!

    I have been feeling "less than" BEcause of everyone having iPhones and DOing Instagram and then I stop and ask myself IS IT REALLY ABOUT THAT?! REALLY???!!!

    And you know it never is or was. There are things I DO blindfolded and backwards that mystify others. How boring if we were ALL the same!!! I am so glad I got to your post "last" BEcause it has inspired me to keep playing and learning and sharing and Letting it all BE what it is.

    Sorry to go on so, but I admit, you struck a nerve!!

  4. Well, let me just say, I am glad you are not listening to that "friend" anymore, because these photos are simply incredible! I always get a kick out of people who are hard core rule people. There are some rules we shouldn't break, like stealing etc., but when it comes to rule of thirds etc., I think sometimes people adhere to the rules to spite getting a great photo. Because an image that moves us will not always be technically correct. AND our vision, has nothing to do with equipment and there is not creative button on the camera! Just keep on doing what it is you are doing because it's working!!

  5. And now I have to say ....your newest follower . . . I love living out loud too! ; )

  6. I love the inro to your post. So so true. The soft and lovely colors of your Rose of Sharon is beautiful. My grandmother had one of those, your picture reminds me of her breezy porch.

  7. what a great approach to life (and photography) and I love the image that you used too

  8. Great post, and thanks so much for the shout out! The same non-judgemental, supportive atmosphere you've found among the community of photography bloggers has also done wonders for my confidence and encouraged me to try many new things without worrying whether or not it was "good enough" to share. Here's to many more years of sharing and learning!

  9. Fantastic! Wow I love your photo and the editing is wonderful. It was very interesting to read your phrase and the meaning behind it.
    I know sometimes I feel inadequate because I don't have a fancier camera, just my point and shoot but like you said confidence abounds when you start participating and people are so encouraging.

    Your Flower Art Friday photo is so beautiful. Love the texture you used.

  10. Your editing of these photos is just lovely. Great use of the textures!! Your phrase is a great reminder than one or two wrong moves is not a statement about who we are or what we are capable of. Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday.