Friday, 21 September 2012

photo art friday 21.9.12

Bonnie's prompt over at Pixel Dust's Photo Art Friday is 
The Beauty of Aging

I believe that my Mother gave me a very grounded
and healthy perspective on both aging and beauty...

So it doesn't surprise me that I immediately went looking into my archives
for photos of Mom when I read the prompt.

She is one of the most beautiful people I know
...inside and out...

This is Mom blowing bubbles at our wedding in July
(we had bubbles instead of confetti or rice)
and Mom's engagement picture from 64 years ago...
I didn't take either of the photos...
but I did do the 'art' part of the piece 
using Bonnie's Vintage Vellum and Age It textures

I have been a little absent from the blogosphere lately 
because I have been helping Mom get ready to move from
her home in the middle of 100 acres of forest in northern Ontario
to an apartment in small town Ontario next weekend.

...heading up now for a few days of packing...
though the leaves are barely showing signs of fall here
this is the best colour weekend where she lives!
Hoping to get some good shots!!

Wishing everyone a wonderful first weekend of fall!!
(or spring - depending on where you are visiting from)

Janet xo

Photo Art Friday


  1. what a wonderful photo! she looks so alive so full of happiness and youth blowing those bubbles!

    1. Thanks! She maintains that behaving like a kid now and then keeps you young! *lol* Seems to be working for her even at 85! *lol*

  2. Beautiful! Both the subject and composition!


    Hopping from Photo Art Friday.

    Here's mine:

  3. Janet, I wish your Mom and you good health and a breeze of soft wind. You have done such a lovely image with a love feeling in it. Thank you for sharing

    You will my contribution at Bonnie's here