Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Take One

First time linking to Scavenger Hunt Sunday,  hosted by Ashley Sisk at Ramblings and Photos
which I discovered through the blogs of others I follow...
I love scavenger hunts so I know I am going to love taking part in this!!

1. Yellow 

I came upon this massive field of sunflowers during a road trip in rural Ontario. 
I tried but I couldn't capture the entire field in one photo!

 2. Something that made/makes me smile

My daughter with my niece. 
They are so in love with each other.
It makes me smile so much!

 3. Ancient or Antique

My Grandmother's doll in an antique chair that I bought at an auction just for her!

4. Splash

The fountain in my garden pond.
 (I was thrilled to discover that my 30 year old cross screen filter works on my digital camera!)

5. In the Sun

Parliamentary Web
I was attempting to shoot the Parliament buildings in Ottawa Canada through the surrounding fence.
The sun reflecting on the spider's web was a snapendipitous surprise! 

An Apology

After posting this, I checked to make sure I had followed the guidelines.

In typical Janet fashion, I didn't read them all first 
and apparently haven't followed all the rules...
These are all archived photos...
 Although, in all honesty, finding pictures in my archives
is very much a scavenger hunt!

Seriously, I promise to follow the rules next time!

Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone is enjoying the same lovely sunshine as we are today!


  1. That field of yellow looks beautiful and I also like your composition of the last shot.

  2. Lovely sunflowers and how cool that photo of the fountain looks with that filter!

  3. Janet! Beautiful images!! Love the field of yellow flowers. WOW! Soo gorgeous! And, I also love the composition for your "In the sun". Very cool!

    Beautiful set this week. :)


  4. love love love your splash!

  5. Such beautiful and lovely photos!

  6. Didn't follow the rules? The meme police may be knocking on your door... :)

    Lovely photos Janet and I love the fact your old filter worked on the new camera!