Friday, 27 April 2012

about photography and art

When I began this journey into digital photography, like many others I am sure, 
I came to the internet for information. 

I don't know how I made my decision from the myriad blogs, courses and sites 
for my initiation into this world  
but I am so glad that I chose the supportive and creative community at 52 Photos Project.  

From Bella's cozy welcome and ongoing support, to her resource sharing 
not to mention the wonderful people I 'met' there... 
It is there that I discovered Kim Klassen's Cafe and Vivienne McMaster's awesome e-courses 
and other groups and bloggers. 

I didn't have a blog at the time and was really just learning how to use my camera...

I now know enough about Photoshop to realize that I will never know everything about it and to be able to maneuver through more than I can use right now!
I am happily fumbling my way through creating and using a blog and flickr groups

I have met some incredibly talented and supportive people . . .
I would like to say thanks to two of those people now . . .here...


Both visited my first AND second attempts at blogging. 
Not just once but regularly. 
Nancy gave me great feedback on my first attempts at textures. 
Angie was my first (and only!) follower. Can't tell you how exciting THAT was!

Their encouragement and comments fed my soul at a time when I wondered 
why I was even doing this...
there are SO MANY incredibly talented people out there!! 
Incredibly talented ARTISTS!
and yet, here were two people whose work I admired tremendously 
actually looking at and commenting on my little blog
...and saying good things about my photos!! 

Truly they kept me going and, as I continue, I carry their generosity of spirit with me... 

When I visited their sites I was blown away by the talent of these two women 
...and the time commitment that they put into their craft, their blogs and encouraging others!!


On one occasion that I visited Angie's blog, Seeing Through The Lens.
I fell in love with these amazing photos with black backgrounds that she was taking with her scanner!! Incredibly beautiful art! 
I don't have a scanner but I was learning all about backgrounds! 
I decided to try to create a similar effect in Photoshop.

It doesn't hold a candle to Angie's work but I was pretty happy with it!!


I also happened upon a fabulous shot and texture on Nancy's blog, A Rural Journal
and Nancy was offering the fabulous texture for free! 
I applied it to one of my similar shots to emulate her artistic photo 
(which was easy because she gave a step by step explanation!)

Spring Fever Texture by Nancy Claeys at A Rural Journal
Again...I need to learn much more to create something as beautiful as Nancy had but I was thrilled!!

I can't even begin to thank either of them, or the countless others who have welcomed and helped me through my initial trepidatious steps into the world of digital photography..

As I stretch my boundaries to include a little more regularity of contributions 'out there' I am exploring and adding new groups to follow and participate in.

One site that I have recently joined, Pixel Dust Photo Art, hosts a Photo Art Friday 
I am linking to it for the first time today to show off my new found Photo Art skills 
and to give credit where credit is my inspirational friends and instructors! 

Thank you Angie, Bella, Kim, Nancy and Vivienne 
for teaching, inspiring, motivating and supporting me!! 

Photo Art Friday


  1. So glad you have been inspired by these wonderful ladies and artists. Your flower photo's look amazing. I really love the 2nd one, so dainty. Visiting from PAF

  2. I noticed there is no Follower or Sign up for update via email features here. It would be nice to keep up with your blog by either.

    1. Thanks for your comments Ida...much appreciated!
      At the top right hand side of the blog, beside the e-blogger 'search field' it says "follow"
      I think that is how you can follow a blog here... at least that is what I have been using...*lol*

  3. Lovely floral images!

  4. Janet, a lovely tribute to the amazing women who are so generous with their talent, their time and energy.

    and lovely rendering!

  5. Oh my goodness, Janet, but you are just the sweetest. You've made me cry, in a good way, of course. Thank you for that. :)

    I love your work, your thoughts, your stories, the lovely quotes you quote, and your bright, sweet energy - you are a woman truly to be admired yourself - and I do, I admire you very much. I, too, love and admire all the women you've mentioned here today in your blog post as well, and just cannot tell you how honored I feel to be one of the women you admire. Thank you. Thank you so much. You are a gorgeous soul. Truly lovely in every way.


  6. p.s.

    By the way, gorgeous pink flower! I happen to think your image definitely holds a candle to mine. Stunning really. You Photoshopped it? That's brilliant! I am impressed because I cannot do this in Photoshop - I have no idea how to. You rock! :)

  7. With all that inspiration and support added to your obvious talents you are producing some wonderful photo art. So glad to have you link-up with Photo Art Friday Janet!

  8. The pink flower really pops against the black background. I like it that it's off center, too :) Nice work

  9. Well, this is such an awesome post, Janet -- I'm so happy you are enjoying your photography -- which shows, by the way. Love these two shots and edits.

    I'm actually the happiest when I can help or encourage another person. Stick with it girl -- you definitely have talent. xoxo

  10. Lovely image and texture work. Thanks. Visiting via Bonnie's PAF. Karen