Wednesday, 4 April 2012

snapendipity defined

snap·en·dip·i·ty  n.
pl.  snap·en·dip·i·ties   adj. snap·en·dip·i·tous

  1. a talent for, or good luck in, having a camera handy when making unexpected and fortunate discoveries while searching for other things.
  2. the fact or occurrence of such camera ready discoveries.
  3. an instance of making such a discovery with camera in hand.

This blog is all about celebrating those moments...
You know the ones. 
Moments when you are going about your day 
and you have the good fortune to you see
light dancing in the shadows or
colour peeking out from under ... there!
AND you have your camera with you!!!

Those are snapendipitous moments and they are what this blog is all about!

I have been inspired to create this blog
through my participation in an e-course
by Vivienne McMaster
Rule Free Photography
It was a fabulous, freeing and affordable course!
(Check out all of Vivienne's e-courses!)

Images posted here will be the happy product of:
*worry free photography
*breaking all those photographic rules about focus and composition and light and, and...
*venturing outside my comfort zone to snap! subjects I’ve never braved and in ways I’ve never considered

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