Friday, 6 December 2013

Random 5 Friday

 Nancy, over at A Rural Journal
is taking a vacation from blogging to enjoy the Holiday Season
but since I had my Random 5 done I thought I would post it here anyway…

I bought the Mister a Canon Rebel T4i for Christmas…shhhh
I am a Nikon user but 
this might be like when I was 6 years old and got my Mom a fancy skipping rope for her birthday
…so I could use it

The puppies went to the spa this week…
so they are all ready for Christmas

On the continuing saga of our roadwork…
They put in the curbs last week and paved the road this week…
but sidewalks will have to wait until spring???
Something to do with it being too cold for the concrete to cure properly?
(you mean those City Planners didn't know it gets that cold here in the winter?)
So I have to live for another summer with a dug up front yard and gardens on hold... 

I am just starting to get my Christmas decorations out of storage in the basement. 
Sometimes I don't think I finish decorating until the 24th…
(or even by then but at that point I call it finished!) 
and then I take it all down as quickly as possible afterwards. 
I have simplified many other aspects of Christmas, you'd think I would be able to simplify this aspect! 

Can I tell you how incredibly proud I am of my daughter?
A 'selfie' of my daughter
Years ago, I went through a few tough Christmases as a single parent, 
where all I could give my kids was a stocking with a few books and candy from Santa. 
I felt like the worst Mother on the planet those years. . . 
When I got back on my feet, I told my kids I could buy some small presents 
for the upcoming Christmas and asked them to make a list. 
My daughter, then 12 years old, asked for a foster child, 
my son, who was 16, asked for the money so he could take a homeless family out for dinner. 
In that moment I knew that the experience of a few gift-less Christmases had done them no harm 
and I told them that they deserved to be very proud of themselves.
Over the years we went back to buying regular gifts, 
though we never went as 'over the top' as my kids had been used to 
prior to those tough Christmases.
This year, when I asked my now 28 year old daughter what she wanted for Christmas, 
she asked me to donate the money that I would be spending on her gift to Sick Children's Hospital ! 
I am so incredibly proud of my little girl !!

Wrapping up my Mom's estate and getting ready for Christmas
may result in a brief hiatus myself…
so in case I don't "see" you before then,
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season with
Love in your home,
Joy in your world
Peace in your heart…



  1. You should be very proud of you kids and don't think that sort of experience for kids is a terrible thing as long as they have love! Sounds as if they have turned out being very compassionate and generous! HOpe if we don't see you for awhile that you have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thank you Jeanne...I am late responding but hope your Christmas was wonderful as well!

  2. You have all reason to be proud of your kids!!! What you wrote here is simply wonderful. And that also means that you are a wonderful mother - absolutely no reason to feel like the worst mom. Kind of a sad state when we think of ourselves as bad moms when we can't give our kids over the top Christmas presents. Books and a bit of candy sounds perfectly alright to me. I think my own daughter who is 15 would agree.
    I'm sure you will love your Canon. I was a Nikon user as long as I was shooting film (more than 25 years) and I was reluctant to change. However, my husband is a Canon guy and we thought it would be handy to share lenses. So when I finally made the transition (very reluctantly) to digital I chose a Canon. I have the EOS 7D and I am super happy with it.

    1. Carola! That sharing lenses idea is brilliant!! I may need to reconsider my (more than 30 year) Nikon loyalty!! Thanks!