Thursday, 23 January 2014

14 in 2014

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with executrix duties and such lately
and falling behind here and with my 2B challenges
but determined to get caught up!

I promised myself I would complete this challenge on Kim Klassen's blog
before the end of the month
and the items for my 'list' have been flying around in my head
for weeks...
so when I woke up at 4:30 this morning 
and they were making themselves heard, begging not to be forgotten
I decided to get up and put them on paper 
via my "morning pages"!
(a la Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way)

It was interesting to watch them flow on to the paper 
and flesh out as they arrived on the page.
I could edit, reorganize, explain...
but in keeping with the spirit of morning pages
I am leaving them as they are,
typing them from the page without changing a thing...
Consider that an apology for random, scattered and unintelligible
thoughts you may come across...
I know what I meant! 'intention' phrase for this year

14 in 2014
  1. Schedule some time each day for my creative activities! Experiment more in photography software, mixed media, and craftwork…with the same approach I have always used with cooking! 
  2. Cull and organize my photos; grow my portfolio and business, get comfy with promoting myself…
  3. Get out of my photography comfort zone and go further afield for photos now that I am more mobile
  4. Get back to my pre-diagnosis yoga and Tai Chi routines and continue to deepen my meditative practices…keep up the daily walks and check out the local pools for swimming schedules until I can get the bike out!
  5. Get back to regular blogging…even if it is a scaled down version! I miss it!
  6. Increase my volunteer hours in 2014 either with more time at Inn from the Cold or teaching computers at the Senior’s Centre
  7. Grow that ideal garden that is in my head but not yet in the ground! Also re-evaluate that plan in my head to increase the amount and kind of food we grow 
  8. Grow myself…take new & different courses, read some different kinds of books…been hooked on history/culture for too long…explore something new! 
  9. Get out and about in my new community…explore the local events, amenities and history
  10. Doodle more
  11. Travel someplace different… like China or Tuscany! At least plan the trip and be happy with Arizona or Curacao if I can’t afford the big trip this year!
  12. Create book, virtual or otherwise, for my family, with the treasures I am finding in my parent’s belongings? Plan a "1st annual” family event to continue the spirit of the gatherings we’ve always had around Mom & Dad’s birthdays and anniversaries 
  13. Increase my commitment of random acts of kindness from once a month (last year’s goal) to once a week…because once a month was way too easy!
  14. Entertain more. Something else I have missed!…Get out that calendar, send out invitations in advance, have theme parties and game nights again!
This has been a great exercise 
to help me focus on where I want to put my energy this year!
Between my health issues and the loss of a sibling and both my parents
in such a short period of time I have been floundering...
I want to make this the year to
Get it Together!

Now, perhaps I can get caught up on my 2B work!!
...and what better inspiration than a photo of the first blooms of 2014?
(indoor plant of is -28C outside!!)

Using kk_sybil & kk_cora textures by Kim Klassen
Wishing you all (belatedly) a wonderful year ahead and
much success in accomplishing your 14 in 2014!!


Beyond Layers


  1. Great 14 things! Love the creativity that comes from those morning pages!

    1. Me too, Jeanne! ...and thank you! :)

  2. what a lovely list!
    I am truly inspired!!
    I am so thrilled to have connected with you, my friend!

    1. Thanks Deb! The feeling is mutual!