Monday, 2 December 2013

Macro Monday & Mom

Today is the anniversary of my Mother's passing
Next to the Mister, she was my biggest supporter!
She loved my photos, especially the macro ones,  
and she had them framed around her home 
and even had my blog header
as her desktop wallpaper on her computer..

My mother loved flowers
but always claimed she had a 'brown thumb'
…meaning she couldn't grow them.
Yet I remember peonies and mock orange bushes
and lily of the valley at my childhood home
These were her favourites
(maybe because they would grow!) 

In honour of my Mom, I have chosen three of my photos 
that she had framed for today's 

Closing with a little poem I wrote this morning
and a photo of Mom blowing bubbles at our wedding last year…
(we had bubbles in lieu of confetti of rice)

Last time I saw you,
you were crying and holding me tight
You said, "I am going to miss you so much."
Just like I did when I was a little girl…
I said, "Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it"
Just like you did when I was a little girl…
A year ago this morning we talked on the phone 
as I boarded the plane for my honeymoon...
you told me to have fun and to tell you all about it when I got home
Just like you did when I was a little girl…
I will never understand how, within hours and without warning,
You were gone forever…
I think of you every day and I miss you so very much.
I wish you were here to hold me tight when I am crying
Just like when I was a little girl…


Macro Monday 2


  1. What a lovely testimony to your mother and a reminder for us all to cherish our loved ones.

  2. Wonderful words ! Great testimony to your mother...

  3. That's so lovely .... and I am so sorry for your loss.
    My Mom has been gone for 29 years and I still miss her deeply.
    She will be in your heart forever.
    aug's blogdiane @

  4. So lovely and wonderful words! And also so beautiful photos!