Monday, 15 October 2012

macro monday 15.10.12

This past Friday we had a hard frost overnight
yet on Saturday in the late morning, after a bit of sunshine,
there were still blooms in amongst the fall decay

I managed to get one more harvest of lavender!

and there was one brave hold out on the clematis vine..

Elsewhere in the garden
things were in various stages of imminent decay
but seriously, in spite of their demise
I think they look quite pretty in their own right...

clematis remains go

through a number of incarnations

after the flower has dropped

...and this leaf's lacy dress was quite fascinating as well...

Posting to Lisa's Macro Monday
(albeit a bit late!)

Janet xo



  1. Love your second photo of the purple clematis. Very nice!

  2. Gorgeous images! I love the lavender photo!

  3. Especially love the captures here of the stages of the clematis "leaving for the winter". The DOF on the first is spectacular! Isn't it amazing how each season has it's own beauty!