Thursday, 18 October 2012

It's Friday!!

Time for 

Bonnie, over at Pixel Dust Photo Art
offered a very cool texture, Leafy Landscape, for use in this week's prompt!

Applied to a sunset shot from last summer,
using several layers of the texture and a variety of blending modes,
created this piece...
"Leafy Sunset"

I was attempting to capture the effect of trees and a sunset in reflection...
and when I was finished fiddling I was kind of pleased with the results...

For LeAnne's Photo Art Friday
I applied a French Kiss texture,
Golden Orb
to a photo of a rose that I had taken a month or so ago
after receiving a beautiful bouquet from a dinner guest...

the roses were a beautiful combination
of a peachy yellow outside and a rich red on the inside
giving a stunning overall look.
I felt that the texture enriched the colours on the rose of focus.

I am running a bit behind on my SkyWatchFriday shots!
Though I frequently shoot the sky, 
this was taken from my back deck and
has been waiting on my desktop to be posted for two weeks!!

When I was a little girl, my Mom used to lay on the ground with me,
point out the shapes of the clouds and we'd try to identify what it looked like.
I thought this one looked a bit like one of our dogs as she leaps across the lawn...

No? *lol*

That's it for this week folks!
As always, check out these sites to enjoy the work of others!
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

Janet xo

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  1. Hi Janet beautiful photos and yes I am in Ontario. B

  2. Gorgeous shots and love the Photo Art reflections. Have a great weekend!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful work of art. That rose is breathtaking.

  4. I have taken to watching the clouds again and am beginning to see shapes in them. It is something I haven't done since I was a girl. I can see your dog perfectly. Love your Leafy Sunset for PAF

  5. Janet, you should be pleased! The reflection is a very creative idea! Regarding the cloud image, it has been a long time since I would lie in the grass and look at cloud formations. This does, indeed, look like your dog.

  6. Great images! I especially like the first one.

  7. A great artsy shot, a gorgeous rose, and ya...that cloud does look like a dog. Terrific shots!

  8. I love your rose image!

    My Skywatch
    Have a great weekend!

    PS. I am your newest follower, would be tickled if you follow mine back. Thank you!

  9. i think you did a great job of creating a reflection and interestingly i used two layers of the leafy landscape and flipped them like you did but have a completely different type of image . . .
    it's so much fun to see where each person participating takes the challenge~!

    love the beautiful roses photo/image and seeing your SkyWatch photo is great fun. i like watching the clouds for shapes that i can recognize too.


  10. Great pictures... Love that rose...

  11. That's a beautiful rose shot. I see an angel in those clouds.

  12. Beautiful photos! I love the way you used Bonnie's texture as part of your reflection!

  13. Really like how you have combined several layers of Bonnie's texture to create this reflection. Very nice Janet! I also remember laying out in the grass and watching the clouds go by, watching for dragons and what ever I happened to "see for the day". have a wonderful weekend

  14. Super post.
    Your PAF piece is really nice and I can see the reflection of the sunset perfectly.

    Such a beautiful rose.

    Ah the cloud, first it's a cool looking cloud and yes it does resemble your dog. Second isn't it fun to look at clouds and see what they remind you of!

  15. yes, it definitely looked like your dog :)
    I used to play the same game with my friends, most of the time I would see dragons and flying houses, though. Such a funny memories!

  16. That rose is gorgeous!

  17. love what you did with Bonnie's "leafy landscape" ...

  18. Great photos! The cloud reminds me a little of a saguaro cactus.

  19. Enjoyed all the images in this post. Love the symmetry you gave the piece that uses the Leafy Landscape texture.

  20. Beautiful results! The sunset photo has wonderful colors - I love the resulting mood from your processing. The flower is gorgeous...and yep, I can see a bit of your dog in that cloud. :) Thank you for sharing!

  21. everything is stunning and thought-provoking. I have loved losing myself in clouds and in fires, the in the fireplace or around the camp ones ;~D

    I love how your sunset piece turned out here. So "moody" in the very best aspects of that word.

  22. Beautiful image!

  23. Very cool shots and processing. I love the sunset and the use of the texture, you made it look like a reflection. Thanks for sharing!