Saturday, 18 August 2012

photo art friday 17.8.12 - container edition

Many of the photos on yesterday's blog post were some form of container
Clouds are containers for rain
Gondolas are containers that carry folks up the mountain
Kayaks are containers for floating on water
Chairs are containers for bottoms
Go carts are containers for big and little bodies who dream of driving like maniacs!
(and helmets are containers to protect heads)

The baskets on these bikes make such lovely containers for flowers
so of course I am posting these for Photo Art Friday!

This is something I have always wanted to put at the end of my driveway
leaning up against the cedar rail fence...
I never got around to buying the old bike to do so
but I just might make the effort now.

I didn't like seeing so much development and commercialization where, in my youth, 
was once beautiful, magical and natural surroundings at the bottom of Blue Mountain.
But I have to admit that the landscaping and gardens that are now there 
are both beautiful and creative.

Have a great weekend all!!

Janet xo

Photo Art Friday


  1. very creative use of bikes, I have to admit that. great example of this week theme!

  2. You've applied the theme of containers in so many lovely ways!!! Thank you for sharing with Photo Art Friday, Janet.

  3. Well this is so charming and just as pretty as can be.